This is one of the best memory in my entire life. Debate was not my favourite things in life. It forces me to think hard. In some occasion, i’m ashamed of my own arguments. I didn’t really like someone forcing me to go to debate competition. I had the fear of being ashamed.

Debate competition has a scary and funny atmosphere. You can be happy and sad at the same time. Mostly it’s stressing, burdening, shaming.

But, there’s one person who keeps on trying and believing. He insists to learn more. He insists to create a new standard that debate is fun, That i can enjoy debate. He debunks all the difficult things that i was not even interested to think. For days,months, years, he tries. Never stops.

Isn’t that great? And he did it. He has changed my perspective that debate is something fun. And i learn. Until this moment, i still enjoy it.

And we come to this moment. Medals…we got em. SHINING GOLD MEDAL. Who doesn’t want gold medal? But here again, i thought it was just a medal. What does medals mean without the existence of “money-appreciation”?. Then i realized, money is not everything. The final result means a lot. But..the process means a lot more. The process of being in this states must be rejoiced. And i’m glad to be in this position, with someone who supports and friends as a whole.(and the shining,shimmering medal of course)

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