The Skills Gap You’ve Never Heard Of

According to the article “Inside the Growing Social Media Skills Gap” it immediately starts off by saying 90% of businesses do not use social media correctly, particularly to sell their products. The biggest problem is people aren’t being trained and coached on how to properly use these sites. This is happening mainly because people are failing to realize just because you use something, that doesn’t mean you know how to use it. The reason these companies want to learn how to use social media is because there is millions of dollars to be made in additional revenue. In the past, social media wasn’t something a business looked at and the department usually had one or two people focusing on it but now jobs that have to do with social media are booming. It is important to note that both elders and millennials need to brush up on their skills because both groups know so much less than they think they do and social media needs to be used by all demographics. Slowly but surely, social media classes and training are being seen in widespread classes and workplaces due to the demand for the skill. All in all, this article described the gap in social media training and described how we need to pay more attention to social media as a tool for selling and generating revenue.