How the Lowery Institute raises up a new generation of change agents

Lowery Institute change agents. Photos courtesy of the author.

InIn today’s society, millennials and Generation Z are typically seen as individuals who are most concerned about things like fashion, reality TV, and the number of followers and likes they have on social media. Contrary to this, the Lowery Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, is training a new generation of leaders…

Meet the women who helped transform an urban food desert into a sustainable resource

AAtlanta, Georgia, known for being one of the major cities at the center of the civil rights movement during the 1960s, has in recent years taken on another social justice fight: combatting food deserts.

The urban food forest at Browns Mill Road in southeast Atlanta is an initiative taken on…

Tianna Faulkner

Tianna is a freelance writer who loves writing and telling stories. Story topics include arts, entertainment, business, health, and lifestyle features.

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