By Tianna Faulkner

For years, there have been conversations both inside and outside of the Black community that African Americans should receive reparations for the 400 years of chattel slavery in America, where Blacks worked for free without receiving wages. Think about it. People are not just going to give you money.

Felicia Davis, Founder of the HBCU Green Fund

One Atlanta woman is using her voice as a vehicle to start the conversation about how America’s elite college institutions, which have been proven to have participated in slavery, partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) as a way of leading on reparations and giving back to…



Tianna Faulkner

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way we live our lives today. To date, America has reportedly recorded over 100,000 coronavirus related deaths. As the number of covid-19 deaths and cases in America increase, so have the number of mental health cases according to studies. The coronavirus has affected people’s physical health, their daily lives, and now studies show that it is also affecting the public’s mental health. Since March 2020 when shelter-in-place guidelines went into effect in America, there has been a surge in anxiety and depression related cases due to the coronavirus. …


Tianna Faulkner

The Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda (GCPA) issued a statement in April on behalf of over 150 statewide organizations that Governor Brian Kemp has opened the Georgia economy too soon. Friday, April 24, 2020, Kemp approved that beauty salons, barber shops, restaurants, and movie theaters could reopen for business to help the Georgia economy. The Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda thinks that Kemp should rescind his decision and keep businesses closed.

Helen Butler, Executive Director of the Coalition, said that the governor’s decision is disproportionately affecting the black community more than other communities and that…


Tianna Faulkner

Metro Atlantans Georgiana and Bernard Bagley, owners of Bagley Youth Development/Bagley Center for Change, Inc., are licensed therapists who specialize in providing therapy for children and families since 1992. In recent years, the couple’s work has taken them abroad, working with various clientele. Countries where they have worked include Germany, Portugal, Japan, and most recently Italy.

The coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 has put the world at a stand-still, where people and families around the world are practicing social distancing to stay alive. The death tolls continue to increase in the United States, who has surpassed virus related…

The coronavirus, Covid-19, is the global pandemic that has the world at a stand-still. Businesses all over the world are closed. Additionally, America has the highest number of deaths globally, unemployment claims submissions in the country are over 22 million, and the economy is failing. One company in California is doing its part to support small black businesses from closing and going bankrupt. The California Black Chamber of Commerce (CBCC) started the “Covid-19 Everybody Pitch-In Go Fund Me” campaign early last week to assist and save California based small black businesses during the current coronavirus pandemic.

The California Black Chamber…

How the Lowery Institute raises up a new generation of change agents

Lowery Institute change agents. Photos courtesy of the author.

In today’s society, millennials and Generation Z are typically seen as individuals who are most concerned about things like fashion, reality TV, and the number of followers and likes they have on social media. Contrary to this, the Lowery Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, is training a new generation of leaders through their Change Agent Fellowship Program. These young adults are defying the odds and bringing about change in their designated communities, as well as throughout Atlanta, and around the world. Upon completion of the Change Agent program, they make their mark through service, both during and after their college matriculation.

Meet the women who helped transform an urban food desert into a sustainable resource

Atlanta, Georgia, known for being one of the major cities at the center of the civil rights movement during the 1960s, has in recent years taken on another social justice fight: combatting food deserts.

The urban food forest at Browns Mill Road in southeast Atlanta is an initiative taken on by the city of Atlanta to improve food access and to eliminate food deserts in the impoverished communities in the city. The 7.1 …

Tianna Faulkner

Tianna is a freelance writer who loves writing and telling stories. Story topics include arts, entertainment, business, health, and lifestyle features.

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