Why use Medium?

There are two points to this question: Medium’s differentiating factor from other blogging platforms and my motivation to write.

Medium brings your story to their network. And they have an algorithm and process to make sure the right story goes to the interested reader. That leverage is what sold me to the platform. Panayotis Vryonis has written a convincing piece for why Medium is great. His full work: https://medium.com/@vrypan/your-startup-s-blog-should-be-on-medium-6ebe9b5d832b

There are a few reasons why I am motivated to write.

Firstly, I am an entrepreneur developing an anonymous emotional support platform for troubled individuals to receive free social support or get connected to professional help easily. Not only is blogging a great way to give visibility to my start-up’s mission and cause, it also connects me to readers who may have an interest in the platform’s development either as a seeker or as a volunteer. I can in due time share interesting conversations about my career and platform development, which may be of interest to readers.

Secondly, it kills loneliness. Or at least mitigate some of it. As you would know, an entrepreneur gives up a lot. Work sometimes get in the way of life, to the extent that we pray for an understanding partner and friends to keep us going. But even then, most of the time, we work alone. And life revolves our work at this stage. This blogging channel is an opportunity to talk to myself, and also to connect to those who may find what I am doing to be important.

The third point is building a base to outreach to future community volunteers, professional contacts, clients, prospects, collaborators and individuals with similar interests or who wants to see the platform succeed. Especially for volunteers, not only would the platform development be important, they would also care about the type and quality of training program that they will undergo to equip them with the skills for emotional support, and how they could further their personal development in future and grow with the enterprise. Non-profit organizations, with their own volunteer base, would want to know how they could leverage on technology to increase their volunteer engagement and relationship building to minimize volunteer turnover. Right now, volunteer leaders or paid community managers do a great job to provide the personal touch, but it often comes at the expense of one’s personal time. It’s a huge expense for those who are kind, and sometimes I think whether technology can do something to make life better for them.

And I genuinely want to retain the writing skills that my Sociology major has honed me for. Ever since leaving school, I hadn’t had to submit an individual paper or group report. In replacement, I write on Medium to retain my skills.

In closing, I just want to reflect on the entrepreneurial journey so far. I must say the choices I have to make both reflects the values of and molds the kind of values I have as a person. In the face of managing different challenges, I became pragmatic and efficient. But it also reinforces the importance of staying honest and being purposeful with how I use my time or lead my life.

This blog post is meant to touch on my personal views on things that has happened in my life and also to update about the progress that my company has made. In subsequent posts, I aim to share about the functions of my platform and also to showcase some use cases to illustrate how technology can lower the access to social support and professional help for troubled individuals.