Not only is “Ross From Friends” the greatest DJ name ever, but this song reaches beyond any “deep” or “minimal” techno I’ve heard into a land of Lo-Fi that is so appropriate for the mood it portrays. Ross From Friends, Baltra.. and other artists on the Distant Hawaii record label are pushing a dreamy, melancholic, desperate sound that pulsates with emotion and soul.

One discerning youtube commenter noted, “this is like the vaporwave of house music.” I don’t know if I would totally agree, because this lo-fi sounding techno still adheres to the general beat, continuity, and pattern of good, but structured “techno.”

The visual patterns of nostalgic cartoons, distorted negative prints, motifs of skateboarding, beaches… are similar to vaporwave’s reach at arizona cans and the mix… however to me this sound is more of a “noir.” It plays between eroticism, nostalgia, and melancholic sensuality embodying a depressed, nostalgic, male gaze. Audio motifs of computer blips; the sound of a lazer beam effect of an 8-bit computer game further demonstrate this music’s ability to bring us back to the “good old days” where we would skate home and play Super Smash Bros, eating popsicles, with no cares.