Brutal Enough? The Most Intimidating Building in New York City

During my stroll in TriBeCa, I encountered this building that is a gigantic, erect concrete slab: absolutely no window, absolutely no sign, absolutely no human trace. It turns out to be an AT&T building that houses telephone switching equipment, designed to withstand nuclear fallout.

@ 33 Thomas Street

This reminds me of the Utopian-Dystopian slippage in Continuous Monument (1969) by Superstudio. Both throbes with an Armageddon overtones of survival technology.

Continuous Monument, Superstudio

Continuous Monument (1969) is essentially a project of visionary architecture as Conceptual Art, imagined the capitalist city swept clean of commodities and reconciled with nature — but at the cost of a ubiquitous grid that, however beautiful in its purity, is monstrous in its totality.