Do You Remember The Time?

For so many of us 2017 has already brought with it some interesting things…

Trump is REALLY about to be the president of The United States of America, although WE The People put Hillary Clinton in office as Commander and Chief. No matter how hard I try to ignore this fact, it’s not going anywhere. Not only is it not going anywhere but God allowed it and I know that ALL things are going to work for our good, so I carry on with life knowing all will be well even through a Trump administration.

We’ve had incidents take place that looked a lot like things from the not so distant past.

We’ve gotten bad news from doctors regarding our health and that of family members.

Some of us have already had to say goodbye to a loved one.

It’s day 11 and 2017 has already started off with a bang.

I had some information given to me a couple of days ago and it kind of took me off of my feet.

It felt like the ground began to collapse from under me.

I sunk into depression for about a day or two and I didn’t want to believe what I had been told.

No matter how badly I didn’t want what was told to me to be true, it still was true and there was nothing I could do about it, but pray.

As I began to pray and thank God in advance for His miraculous power concerning my situation I felt better.

Something else happened to me on the same day I got the bad news and it looked a lot like the last 5 1/2 years of my life, SMH.

The thought came to my mind, Lord is this really my 2017?

For one moment I sank into my emotions and bitterness came over me.

When the bitterness hit me I began to feel exhausted.

Friend’s, bitterness will drain you of everything and blind you to the facts of life. It’s not good to become bitter about certain situations concerning life, because we will totally miss our blessings.

Feeding into bitterness will jade your train of thought and shatter all hope of things getting better.

Now is NOT the time to become bitter.

I had to tell myself that as I picked myself up by my own boot straps and reminded myself of who I am and whose I am.

You and I are children of the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth!

No matter what happened the first two weeks of this year, we will move forward with passion and purpose.

Although the news I received shook me and the incident that took place caused me to temporarily believe things were never going to get better, I prayed.

Do me and yourself a favor, never stop PRAYING.

Your prayer can be as simple as Lord thank You. It does not have to be long and drawn out.

Maybe you don’t have a word to say in your prayer, your tears speak louder than your words ever could. Your faith mixed with tears will move God!

I didn’t have a word to pray when I was depressed for that first day, all I had were tears falling down my face. Tears of disbelief and pain, tears of disappointment.

I cried and God answered with comfort and memories.

God said to me, “Do you remember the time?” And I began to see all of the things God set me free from and allowed me to make it through.

The first thing I saw was the day I was being shot at and not a bullet touched me. I said surely God you have my back, front and every side, God you cover me as a shield!

Friend, God wants us to remember what we have ALREADY made it through.

Remember the last time you came out of a situation you thought would ruin your life forever.

Remember how God allowed you to survive the thing that others died in, and look at how you’re thriving!

Remember the time you made the wrong decision and it could have landed you in the unemployment line, but God!

Remember all of the times you made it through something that threatened your sanity, now WALK through this situation with your full confidence in the One who did it before.

Life is not always going to be euphoric. We are not always going to be on the mountain top. Our children are not always going to be doing well. There will be problems in this life, but problems will not last forever.

All we have to do is remember what happened before and look at the evidence of our right now.

We have made it through SO much in our past. Some of us have lost loved ones, jobs, relationships, money, children, time, pride, businesses and the list goes on and on.

When we lost those people and those things we did not know how we would make it to the next day, but God!

Even in trouble we can have peace, because we know the same God who kept us before is keeping us now.

All we have to do is remember.

Some of this stuff isn’t fair and we’d rather not have to go through, but the truth is we are not above pain, tragedy and disappointment.

Life is not a respecter of persons.

We will not lose focus or hope.

We will stay committed to our goals no matter what.

This year has already presented a few challenges, BUT we will exercise the gift of memory and recall what God has already done.

God’s track record is sure! I am living proof!

All we have to do is remember!

I am praying for us!

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