Diary part 3 (2–2–17)

Elizabeth you’re such a BRAVE heart and I absolutely love your transparency. I totally understand how you feel, being a teenager is a VERY awkward time for us. I remember posting pictures of models on my fridge so I wouldn’t go in the fridge to eat, I was SO obsessed with not gaining weight I would have only very tiny portions of food. Until one day I realized that I am made in the image of God and I am beautiful at ANY weight. Princess your life is so important to the world, you have so much to offer us and focusing on the very trivial things like weight will distract you from finding out how awesome you really are. Believe me I understand those teen years. You wanna fit it, you wanna feel pretty all of the time and you want to be accepted by your peers. The funny thing about your peers is they are ALL as confused, hormonal and perplexed as you are, honey you’re just brave enough to say it to the world. Take that truth and see how beautiful you are, your heart is what makes you gorgeous. You’re great just the way you are. Remember this is just a very short window of the rest of your life and right now you’re beginning to learn a lot about yourself. Work on the inner you, know that God created a masterpiece when you were born. You’re a designers original and embrace every beautiful flaw you have, it’s what makes you you. Be well beautiful! 😍

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