Humility Before Honor (So you want to be promoted?)

Humility and Honor are siblings. They share little to no resemblance. Many people don’t believe they are of any relation.

The truth is Honor would not be as awesome as she is without her big brother Humility.

Honor gets most of the recognition but Humility does all of the work. Humility taught Honor all she knows, Honor would not be alive and breathing if Humility had not saved her from falling prey to pride.

Honor and Humility are closely related to Promotion, they’re first cousins.

We live in a culture where everyone wants to be honored, but very few of us have actually taken the proper steps to be placed in the seat of honor.

A true person of honor knows how to serve. I know, serving, service and servant all sound so menial and beneath us.

Let me share a secret with you my friend, serving is the key stepping stone to honor and promotion. Serving requires a humble heart.

Humility: the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people: the quality or state of being humble.

Humility is a QUALITY! What’s sad is so many of us lack this quality and it’s destroying opportunities that will take us to the next level in our lives.

Take note of Jesus’s words here in Matthew 23:11–12

“The greatest among you must be a servant, (12) but those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

The world can not understand this principle because we think personal exaltation will get us where we need to be. Jesus is the greatest man to have walked this earth, yet He served us! His gift of salvation is still serving us today!

If Jesus, the savior of the world can be a servant, why can’t we?

The honor many of us seek can only be achieved if we are genuinely humble.

Lasting honor and promotion comes from God, not from our perfectly devised plans of climbing the ladder to “greatness”. The plans we have can get us to promotion, but when we execute our plans without the presence of humility, it brings devastating results.

Over the past few months I have had the very unfortunate privilege of seeing what happens to a person who devised their own plan to promotion. They felt like it was “their time” and they executed the plan, it resulted in complete embarrassment. It has been heartbreaking to watch. A person who lacks humility will do anything to get honor and promotion.

Humility= doing an awesome job, not always getting the credit but not taking it personal

Humility = serving an impossible boss who isn’t aware of your worth, but doing a great job anyway

Humility= fixing your know it all co-workers mistakes and never making them feel low about it.

Humility= waiting your turn to be called to the front row verses placing yourself there even when you know you’re qualified.

Humility= going back to people who you have wronged and apologizing

Humility =fessing up to your mistakes

Humility is NEVER easy, it’s hard work but the outcome is honor!

Honor will never be attainable without humility!

We put ourselves in a very dangerous position when we believe we are better than any other human being. Sometimes we all are guilty of placing ourselves above others based off of our abilities, choices we made or did not make, letters we may have behind our names or material possessions we have acquired.

In reality we are not better than anyone, none of us are flawless, we all make mistakes. This level of thinking is called PRIDE, we know what the bible says about pride. It comes before the FALL!

The horrible thing about being prideful is the very people we say we are better than, are the people who witness our embarrassing fall. Lets not be clumsy and foolish causing ourselves to trip and fall over our egos. If we want true, lasting honor and promotion we have to stick a pin in the ego balloon and toss it in the garbage!

When we exalt ourselves people do notice, but the false promotions that come with self exaltation are stressful and temporary.

It’s also a hard and quick fall on our faces.

Stay on the timeline of God for your life. Don’t promote or exalt yourself, it’s ugly and you lose too much in the process. You lose integrity, respect from your peers and you can also lose friends.

Honor: respect that is given to someone who is admired. Good reputation, good quality or character as judged by other people. High moral standards of behavior.

The only way to possess honor is to first exercise humility. By reading this definition can you see how they are closely related?

Your seat of honor comes before your place of promotion.

God will promote you when the time is right for you to move. You may “feel” as if it is your time for promotion right now, please do not move if you are not 100% sure that God has made a clear path for you.

When God promotes you there is no “setting up” of other people to expose what they are doing wrong. There is no “brown nosing” or “kissing up” to the powers that be.

Once you arrive to the place of honor you’ll know you’re there based off of what is taking place around you. People you hold in high regard will begin to compliment you on things they observe about you. It’ll catch you off guard because you will be unaware of their observation of you.

When God wants you to be honored He shows you off! You won’t have to promote yourself, others will promote you! They will admire your humility, your effectiveness and your integrity. You become a high commodity when God places you in the seat of honor.

You can be in the place of honor as a janitor, a secretary, a store clerk, a dietary aid, a stay at home wife, etc. Honor has nothing to do with the actual position you hold in life or at work. Honor is given to people who walk in true humility.

Once humility and honor takes its course the next level is promotion. Your promotion will change your position at work and in life.

Humility is a continual state of being. It takes a humble heart to be honored and keep balance. If honor takes place without humility, pride comes in. Pride will cause us to think we deserve to be promoted before time and that will push us back further than we want to be.

There is a process for promotion and humility is the first step.

I pray we don’t jump ahead of the process missing our true opportunity to be honored and ultimately promoted.

I hope this has helped you to evaluate where you are on the road to honor and promotion.


Father, I thank You for your insight and wisdom. Lord help us in this journey of life. God lead us to a path that is clear and right for Your name sake. God I ask that you give us a pure heart and sincere motives in our pursuit of honor and promotion. God we know true honor is given to us by You alone. Lord if we are operating in a spirit of pride please expose it to us and help us to move from pride to humility. God we want to be complete in you. God heal those of us who feel the need to be placed in certain positions to feel powerful, Lord show us who we are in Your eyes. Lord we thank You for showing us the hidden things about ourselves. Lord help us to be genuine. In Jesus name we pray.


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