Life Is Too Short!

My life has been quite interesting lately.

It’s been very hard to stay focused on what matters.

In one day someone stole cash from me, I got a denial from a company I was sure would give me a yes and someone who has caused so much pain in my life was near death.

This week Someone I love and once trusted sowed seeds of deception and division among a close knit community of people and it’s breaking my heart.

Last weekend I did business with a group of people, provided impeccable service and two of them had the nerve to insult me.

My life right now sort of feels like an emotional roller coaster.

I am going to ask the operator of this ride to STOP the coaster and please let me off, I’m beginning to feel nauseated.

This morning I heard a disheartening tale of two dueling sisters and in the same conversation I was informed about a very young man preparing himself to leave this earth due to an incurable disease.

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna share with you today or if I was going to share at all because I’ve been so emotionally spent.

I didn’t want to just throw a story together for the sake of posting but when I spoke with my sister this morning I received a revelation.

The revelation was one we hear almost everyday, “life is too short”.

Life is too short for us to be swallowed up in the turmoil of other people’s lives.

Life is too short to hold a grudge against someone who hurt us.

Life is too short to attempt to figure out why people we love and trusted like to cause division and pain.

Life is too short to stay angry about the money that was stolen from me.

Life is too short to care about the whispers of the naysayers.

Life is too short to give folk who don’t value you, your time or your thoughts.

Life is too short not to take the risk and go for it!

Life is too short to be afraid to love again, don’t cheat yourself because you gave your heart to the wrong person.

Suppose you knew for a fact you were dying soon, what would you do differently from this moment until your last?

Suppose you knew your mom or dad would be leaving today what would you do for or with them right now?

Suppose you found out today would be the last day your child would lay eyes on you, what wisdom would you share with them?

If today was your last day would you really spend it on an emotional roller coaster of mess or would you just let it go and go out in peace?

Who would you try to track down to attempt to make peace with?

My heart breaks because of the lack of understanding we have about life and how fleeting it is.

We don’t have time to hold anger inside of us because it kills us and it kills relationships.

We don’t have time to spend with people who really don’t care one bit about us.

We don’t have time to chase money and not build relationships.

We don’t have time to constantly skip vacations because we can’t “afford it”.

Friend, we don’t have time to waste, not one second.

I want to live each day as if it’s my last day, knowing I’ve tried my best to give room to Gods spirit to work in and through me.

I want to live each day with a clear conscious, knowing I did my best in every situation I was in on that day.

Let’s live our lives with the knowledge of this being the ONLY life we have to live.

I want you to get off of that emotional roller coaster that you’ve been on and decide to L.I.V.E.

As much as it is possible live at peace with all people.

MercyMe has a song titled Goodbye Ordinary, I love the chorus.

“live like there’s no tomorrow, love extravagantly, lead a life to be followed. Goodbye ordinary”.

Ordinary is holding grudges, ordinary is wasting time, ordinary is taking life for granted. Let’s say goodbye to ordinary!

Thank you Tawanda for giving me something to write about today! Our conversation gave me insight!

Friend, I am praying for us!

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