Living my life like it’s Golden. (It’s not you it’s them)

You are a breath of fresh air for almost every person you meet. You’re like that tall class of ice cold water on the hottest day of summer. You’re pretty amazing, yet you’re still alone.

You meet the guy or the girl and it’s going great, they tell you “you’re amazing”, “I appreciate you”, “you aren’t like anybody I’ve dated” and the list goes on and on, BUT you have to break it off because you’re not getting what you know you deserve. They are saying all of the right things, but their follow up is weak.

The issue is they’re not used to authenticity and they think you’re too good to be true, because they’re not as authentic as you are.

The older I get the more I realize how rare authenticity is becoming.

I’m the “heart on my sleeve” kind of woman and I really don’t know how to turn that off. I don’t think you or I need to turn it off, this is who we are. It’s not fair to be forced to not be who we really are at all times, just because someone doesn’t know how to handle us.

I don’t know how to turn off being a giver, I don’t know how to not be kind and genuinely concerned about others. I never learned how to pretend and suspect each person who walks into my life to be a potential terrorist. That mentality is SO exhausting and I don’t want to have to live that way, BUT hey the people who think that way are least likely to be used and hurt. I’m beginning to think about giving it a try, it might work for me.

There are so many people who have hidden agendas and people are too used to questioning everybody, this is why when someone authentic comes along they don’t know how to handle them. Folk are too used to the “norm” and the “norm” isn’t good at all, the “norm” is fake.

My most recent encounter has left me kind of disappointed, I really had high hopes, but once again I was deflated and left filling in the blanks.

I’m not sure why but inconsistency seems to be the trend nowadays on the dating scene.

I have a little piece of advice for those of us who are hopeful and disappointed at the same time. Keep being genuine, keep being a motivator, keep being a giver, keep a happy heart, keep being an encourager just be more selective moving forward.

I know, I know, you’re already selective, I’m already selective, but we have to be EVEN MORE selective. Be so selective 9 out of 10 can’t make the cut.

Live your life like it’s golden and seek out other golden people.

See gold can withstand fire, very high temperatures of heat. What’s amazing about gold is when it gets hot it turns into liquid, even in its liquid form gold holds its value. And an even greater thing about gold is once it cools off from the effects of the fire, it becomes whole again.

Everybody can’t afford gold. Most people’s hearts and minds can’t afford you.

You’re a high commodity, you come with a very pricey tag. It took you years to come to this place of self-awareness, and you can’t waste time with people who aren’t as conscious of self as you are.

You don’t have to think you’re “better” than anyone, you’re just sure you’re worth more than “GM” texts and “hook ups”. You’re precious and it’s time to treat yourself like you are fully aware of that truth.

Living our lives like it’s golden is the only way to prevent the continual disappointments we’ve been experiencing.

When we live our lives like we’re golden we’re not seeking perfection, we’re seeking to be valued.

The only people who can value you are those who value themselves.

You’re not just “any ole body”, you’re a designers original worth dying for and when it comes to selecting a person to be in your space you have to be fully aware of that truth.

You want that person to be consistent from the door, don’t settle at all for anything less than consistency. We can’t fill in the blanks, it feels horrible.

I know it feels horrible because I just did it.

We are no longer settling for words, we need action to follow up with those words.

Your father is the King and creator of the galaxy, He’s the conductor of the universe and He calls you good, live in that reality!

Ask yourself if your father would approve of you being with someone who didn’t value you.

At all times you should feel wanted, there should never be a question about the person’s loyalty. If you have to question it, it’s time to cut it off.

You’re genuine, you’re authentic and there are MANY people who don’t know how to handle you. That’s not your problem.

Everybody doesn’t get a chance with you. I know it sounds harsh, but not everybody deserves a 2nd chance.

I’ve had a rule for years, you get one chance to mess up with me and I’m done. I let up on that rule and it got me hurt all over again. I’m back to the one chance rule.

I understand nobody is perfect, but when I am just meeting someone in the beginning they have one time to get it wrong, and I’m out. I just relaxed that rule and I am pissed off about it. Never again!

We can’t give people too many chances with our hearts, minds and bodies, we only have one life to live and we should live it like it’s golden.

I don’t want to live in apprehension and you shouldn’t want that either.

I want to be free to share my heart with who I am with. I don’t want to hold back, I want to be who I was created to be.

Living our life like its golden might mean we’ll be single for a little while longer because we are waiting for the one who can appreciate us fully.

You’re a prize and you want to meet a fellow prize.

It takes time to meet someone whose worth their weight in gold like you are.

It’s painful to have so much to offer, but to have to keep it all bottled up because people don’t know how to love and be loved. There are some truly broken people in the world who don’t believe they can be fixed, but there are also some broken people in the world who are aware of their ability to be healed. Just because we’re genuine it does not mean we haven’t been broken, we’re just brave enough to love after the heart break. We used the hurtful circumstance as a teachable moment and allowed it to bless our lives verses it making us bitter.

It takes time to find quality and it takes wisdom to recognize quality.

Knock offs can pass as the real thing for so many, but someone with keen sight can recognize a knock off immediately.

There are so many knock offs out here and they’re hurting people, making it almost impossible to meet someone of quality. Knock offs can only pretend for a little while because they begin to fade. The designer emblem eventually falls off and the pleather starts to crack.

I can always tell a knock off because it’s either too dull or too shinny.

Gold plated isn’t good enough for you either, you want it to be solid gold all the way through. If it’s just gold plated it can’t stand up against fire. On the outside it looks great, but on the inside it’s fake.

Living our lives like its golden isn’t just for romantic relationships, it’s for platonic relationships as well. Some of our friends don’t deserve us.

This is the year we need to do a self-assessment, an appraisal and at the end of the appraisal we should all have the same results, priceless, golden, valuable, worthy of love, worthy of time and attention, Gods child!

Don’t fill in the blanks for another inconsistent person ever again. You’re worth more than that.

This is the year we make them earn us, for real. Let’s make them prove themselves, you’re amazing and you deserve amazing.

We deserve amazing!

Let’s start expecting better. It’s going to take some time, but it’ll happen for us. I know it to be true!

Let’s be dedicated to living our lives like it’s golden because it’s the only life we have to live.

We don’t want a knock off and we don’t ever want to be a knock off.

Stay encouraged!