The protective hands of a loving Father.(You had to be there to believe it.)

I have always believed God exists. There is too much evidence in the anatomy of the human body and in nature proving His existence. Not only is God real but He’s intimately connected to every living creature on Earth, especially the human race.

The bible says in Ephesians 2:10 For we are His masterpiece, He has created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago. God took His time when He created us, we are His masterpiece, He is fully aware of each and every detail of our lives. As an adult I now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that God is REAL based off of what I have lived through. Not only did He allow me to live through it, but I’m thriving and telling my story as the victor!

I thought I knew him

He was my cousin's ex-boyfriend, but he had a crush on me. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if he had a crush on me,a personal vendetta against me or against women in particular.

I had just began to walk with crutches after a left tib/fib fracture that resulted in 9 screws and a metal plate, which I still have. I was about 15 years old. My teen years were nothing short of scenes from belly, paid in full, boyz in the hood and any other urban movie that comes to your mind. The more I ponder on those years, the more I understand how desperately the devil wanted me dead and how merciful God was toward me.

So, my injury is still pretty fresh and I see my “friend” while I am walking to the store. He asks me if I wanted to smoke with him. Yes I smoked marijuana in my teen years, thank God for deliverance. I’ve known him since 6th grade, he’s my “friend” and I trust him, so there’s no need to believe he had a hidden agenda. I go in his house, he has a 40 oz of some sort of beer and a blunt . We’re sitting there smoking and he’s drinking his beer. All of a sudden he puts an adult movie in his VHS and tries to force himself on me. This dude invited me to his house knowing I had a compromised gait and would not be able to get away from him quickly or defend myself. He had hopes of successfully raping me.

His mother was upstairs, so I screamed to the top of my lungs and she yells down the basement; “leave that girl alone!” I was elated she heard me screaming and went for my crutches to try and leave, he tried to force me to walk home without them. With the injury I had, there was no way I would have been able to do that. Thankfully his mother came to my aid again and I got my crutches back.

On my way home I could not believe what he had tried to do to me. I informed my cousin of what took place, but I never told my parents . I didn’t tell my parents because I shouldn’t have been that far away from my house with the injury I was recovering from and I also went in his house to smoke marijuana. I know I should have told them, maybe what happened in the near future would have never taken place.

He wants me dead

Months after the incident I am 90% healed, walking without crutches or an orthopedic shoe and I see the psychopath. This time I am not alone, I am with my older sister and friends. It’s fall and my 16th birthday had just passed. We were inside of a local Chinese joint and he enters the store with evil in his heart. He walks up to me and begins to verbally attack me for NO reason at all. He says, “b***h you think you are all that, b***h you think you are so pretty; I am going to get my 9 mm on your a**!” After he says this to me he leaves to go into his house.

Before this moment I had never heard the audible voice of God in my life. I heard in the most firm whisper in my right ear “RUN!” I took off running as if I were Flo Jo trying to come in first place in the 100 meter race! I knew my sister or my friend didn’t tell me to run because they were the epitome of “I ain’t never scared”. We were young, carefree and we were growing up in the type of environment where nothing really scared us. I was sure it was neither of them who told me to run. As a matter of fact I was in the store and they were on the outside of the store.

I was running home to inform my parents of what had just happened. As I get half way home I hear a gunshot and I was sure that the psychopath had shot my sister or one of my friends. I had on a heavy leather jacket, I threw it to the ground so it wouldn’t weigh me down and I ran faster. I get home to tell my parents what happened. My mom and dad leave the house with me and to our surprise we hear loud talking coming from the direction we are headed in. It was my sister and best friend with their adrenaline on 1000, talking about how much of a coward the psychopath was. It was like a scene from boyz in the hood, but it was actually our real lives as girls growing up in East Baltimore.

I had taken off running at the right time! He came back with his 9 mm puts it to the heads of my sister and two friends demanding they tell him where I had gone to. One of my friends actually urinated on herself when he placed the gun to her head. All three of them told him they did not know where I had gone. He also told my friend and sister to turn their backs to him so that he could shoot them. They refused to do so and said to him, “if you are a real thug you’d shoot me while you look me in my eyes”. He did not shoot them, his assignment from hell was not for them to die that night, he was sent by satan to kill me.

I know it was God’s voice in my ear that night telling me to run because had I not ran, I would have been dead at 16 just like so many of my peers.

My sister told me she had gone to a phone booth to call the cops and he came over to the phone booth, put the gun to her head again and asked her “where that b***h at are you talking to the police?” My sister said to him, “no I am not talking to the police I am talking to my mother because if I die tonight I want my mother to know who killed me”. He took off up the alley in hopes to find me so that he could finish his assignment to take my life. My sister said she thought to herself, “ I hope my sister is somewhere safe”. She also told me the shot I heard was him shooting in the air attempting to scare them to turn their backs to him so that he could shoot them. I am SO grateful to God they stood their ground with him. It was only God in that moment who protected them! When it was over, my parents were glad we were still alive and of course the cops NEVER showed up. I am grateful for the 911 operator who stayed on the phone with my sister the entire time he was there with a gun to her face.

God is my Shield

I was coming home with my brother one night , God rest his soul. He was murdered in December 1998. As we walked down the street, I saw a group of guys sitting on a porch and they all spoke to my brother. One voice said, “look at that freaky b***h”. I knew exactly who it was, the psychopath who is hell bent on harming me. My brother says, “who said that about my sister?” He stands up and admits to being the guilty party, of course he has a GUN in his hand. Yes my brother has a gun as well. I am afraid for my brothers life and I tell him let's just walk away, my brother pushes me and tells me to run and says, “it’s too late his gun is drawn”.

I take off running and I feel bullets flying around my legs. I continue to run until I find shelter on the side of a nearby church. The shots cease, I hear my brother breathing fast and hard, he gives me the gun and I place it in my purse. I told him I felt bullets all around me, it was as if I felt the wind from the bullets all around me. He said to me, “Tia he was laid under a car shooting directly at you, he didn't want to shoot me, he wanted to shoot you”.

God was LITERALLY my shield on that night when the psychopath was trying to complete the hit satan had out on my life.

In 2001 I was 21 years old and pregnant with my son who is now almost 15 years old. I was on the basketball court in my neighborhood. Guess who walks onto the court? The psychopath! I said, God no not now, not while I am pregnant with my son! This guy looks at me and smiles, not only did he smile but he spoke to me and asked me how I was doing. I was in total disbelief and I asked him if he had a change of heart. He said yes, “we all have to grow up sometimes”. I was at a loss for words. The bible says in Proverbs 16:7, When a person's ways please the Lord, He will make even their enemies to be at peace with them. I know for a fact this scripture is true because I lived it! I was totally shocked and praising God on the inside the day I saw him.

It could have been me

It was her 16th birthday and she sneaked out of the house at midnight. An altercation took place that involved the psychopath. She was among a group of guys who the hell bent guy with a glock had a beef with. He fired his gun into the crowd fatally shooting the 16 year old girl, she was DOA.

When the cops came to share the horrible news with her mom she was unaware of her daughter leaving the house after midnight. She told the cops “that can’t be my child because my child is in her bed”. She went to her bedroom to check, but her baby was gone away from here. They said she was an innocent bystander, but I believe the psychopath had a demonic assignment to kill a young girl. This was not the first time he was accused and sent to prison for shooting a young woman. It was said prior to this murder he was in prison for shooting a girl in her neck in West Baltimore.

When I heard of my neighbors death it shook me because I knew it could have been me!

Why me?

I now know why the enemy wanted me dead long ago. He never wanted me to realize who I was going to become in the Kingdom of God. If my life would have been taken the first time he tried to kill me, I would not be living proof that East Baltimore can produce successful, talented and gifted people. If the devil would have successfully killed me, I would not be able to encourage you about your child who may be going down the wrong path.

If my life would have been taken, you would not believe that this generation of young people can make it through the evil that surrounds them. I strongly believe East Baltimore was a much more dangerous place in the 90’s when I was a teen. People were pure evil back then and they didn’t need a molly, an e pill a percocet or any other drug to encourage them to kill. They were just killers who got off on taking people’s lives. Even in the midst of all of the tragedy and horrible events such as this one I am sharing with you, we still had hope. We still had a sense of community and family, we still stuck together and right now there is still hope for our youth.

God allows people like me to make it out of situations like the one I lived through, so that we can have compassion toward others and tell our stories of hope and redemption to bring hope to a dying world. He spares our lives so that we can share our life experiences with the present generation and hopefully prevent the cycle from repeating itself. I know I have a duty to reach back and make an impact on this present generation and generations to come. I have a duty to encourage other young woman in my city, my nation and this world who may be in adverse situations who can’t seem to find a way out. I know I am here to encourage my sisters from Baltimore showing them something beautiful can come from our city, you now have evidence of that beauty right in your hands.


Father God thank You for my friend who is reading this blog on today. God I thank You for protecting my life even when I was asking for trouble. God you are a protector and a awesome Father! God I pray for the youth of our nation and our world, God I pray that you raise up role models for them, God I ask that you give them hope through me and others like me. God I pray that you give us leaders in our city and state who have our youth’s best interest at heart. Lord give us strategy so that we can be a positive impact on our youth. God we repent for all of the times we turned our backs and shook our heads at our youth, as if they were hopeless. God we are reminded that there is still hope. God if you have to send me, Lord send me and others like me to be a bridge between our generation and theirs. In Jesus mighty name God I pray for the parents whose children were victims of violent crimes, Lord give them peace and bless their families. God protect our city and expose those people in leadership who are lending to the issues we have and not the solutions. God raise up new leaders so that our entire city can be great again! In Jesus mighty name!


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