This Too Shall Pass. (It’s only a chapter)

Sometimes it feels like we have more than our fair share of trials and tests.

It seems as if life beats up on nice people harder than it beats up on not so nice people. This isn’t true, life hits us all hard.

In some aspects of our lives we go through SO much and it’s hard to see the purpose in it.

As a believer I know that all things are working together for my good because I love God and I am called according to His purpose, but more often than not I don’t see the purpose in my pain while I am going through it.

Just this week I had an emotional breakdown and I actually cried while sitting at my desk at work. It was around 4 pm and it usually slows up around that time so I knew I was pretty safe letting my tears fall.

At that point I really did not care who would have walked in my suite to witness my tears, I was spent.

I needed to cleanse.

I needed to be human.

I needed to be honest with myself.

I needed to cry.

I had the break down because since Saturday I had been thinking about my history with dating and I was trying to make sense of it all.

The area in my life I feel as if I have had more than my fair share of trials and tests is dating and relationships.

I would feel better if I could just blame myself and say I was being too deep, had unbelievable and unattainable expectations, if I was mean and impossible with every man that came my way.

Too bad my story isn’t that easy.

It would be great if I could say I only went after one type of guy and I was just dating that same spirit over and over again, that’s why it’s been horrible for me.

Can’t say that, it would be SO far from the truth.

It’s pure randomness, no connecting the dots with the guys. I am the common denominator, I am the only constant variable in this equation.

There MUST be a reason I am going through this and the reason is bigger than anything I can understand right now.

You’ve read my dating story and you’ve read my recent plight with my hormones, you can see I am 100% honest with myself and with other people about myself!

I know what I have been through isn’t my fault, it just happened to happen to me. The nice girl who seems to get the short end of the stick with men.

I don’t want to date right now at all. A serious relationship is most likely a long way down the road for me. This post isn’t about my desire to be with someone, it’s about my struggle to find the meaning and purpose of it all.

I started to keep this to myself and use the wonderful gift of poetry as therapy and write my way through it.

Pain produces some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever written.

Keeping it to myself will not help me nor will it help you.

Your situation may not look or sound like my situation but it’s a situation that you don’t like and you want out of it right NOW!

It may be keeping you up at night, it may be causing you to lose focus at work, it may be getting in the way of your creativity, it may be causing you to doubt yourself in areas you’ve never doubted yourself in before and it may be causing you to dwindle in your faith.

I want to encourage you today to keep moving forward through whatever struggle you’re currently facing because it’s not the end of your story. This is only one chapter in the story book of your life that you and God are writing.

Each one of us has to go through a storm, a trial, a test, a difficult situation or several. Some storms are necessary to build character and bring growth while other storms may be unnecessary brought on by our own actions.

Even if we go through storms due to situations we created because of wrong decisions, there is still a lesson in that.

Just recently I listened to a pastor who said a very profound thing about the story of our lives.

He said the scene in our story we would like to skip is the scene God is using to bless us later.

I know for a fact God is a promise keeper and He has shown me dreams and visions concerning my husband. I have not met the fellow as of yet and I am honest enough to say I don’t think I am ready to meet him. When I meet him I will be ready for him and he will be ready for me!

The scene or the chapter I am currently in has lasted for almost six years, but it’s only one scene and it hasn’t been redundant. It’s been different experiences with totally different people and each situation has taught me something about myself!

It has molded me into the woman I am right now and it has blessed me in ways I am not fully aware of.

I won’t realize how much I’ve grown until it’s time for me to exercise what I have learned while in my storm/chapter of unfortunate dating experiences.

Your situation is helping you grow!

Your storm is only one piece of the story you and God are writing.

Suppose Moses would have never killed the Egyptian and been called a murderer?

Supposed Noah would have stopped building the Ark when someone called him a crazy man because they had never seen rain before?

Suppose Abraham would have doubted Gods promise because Sarah laughed at the word God spoke to her husband about her giving birth at an old age?

Supposed God would have revoked His promise because they were impatient and tried to produce the promise on their own?

Suppose Rahab would have been too ashamed of her lifestyle to hide the 2 Israelite spies in her house?

Suppose Jesus, right before his passion didn’t end his prayer in the garden of Gethsemane with “nevertheless not my will but Thine be done”?

All of those moments were just chapters in their lives. God used those difficult chapters to tell an amazing story people are still preaching and teaching about centuries later.

Suppose this part of your story is happening because God wants you to conquer the thing you’re in right now so that you will be a blessing to someone who is going through the identical situation?

Suppose this difficult chapter in your story is preparing you for the promise God showed you?

Don’t stop here!

Don’t allow your pain to define you for the remainder of your existence.

Don’t throw in the towel!

All of the white flags have been burned, you cannot surrender!

There is a story God is going to tell in and through your pain!

I heard somebody say “if you’re going through hell, keep moving”.

If you feel as if you are going through hell, you better keep trucking because you’re not destined to stay there!

There is more for you.

What you consider hell is nothing compared to what you have made it through in the past.

Let’s not curse our storms, let’s look for the blessing in the storm.

The blessing is there, just look a little closer.

After every storm there is a rainbow and after the most severe storms there are double rainbows that sometimes appear.

We all know the rainbow is a sign of Gods blessing!

Don’t you stop now, your story is not over, and there is more on the horizon for you!

Keep it moving friend! Keep believing and keep the faith!

Know this too shall pass!

My dating chapter has lasted a long time.

Guess what?

I know it’s just a chapter that is currently preparing me for greater!

I am not sure what the title of your chapter is but know it is only a very small part of a story that will end on a high note!

God has and is making something beautiful out of my life. Let Him do the same for you!

Don’t get stuck in the chapter of losing your child, my God, that is painful, but God has enough power to help you come back from that pain.

Don’t get stuck in the chapter of a divorce, God can heal your heart and give you new love and a self-confidence that will blow your mind.

Don’t get stuck in the chapter of sickness and disease, not every sickness is unto death.

Don’t get stuck in the chapter you are in, no matter how good or bad it is, it’s only a chapter.

I am praying for us!

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