You Should Kill it Dead!

For about three weeks I’ve been studying the story of Esther, her story is so fascinating. There are many lessons to be drawn from it.

There is an evident lesson of prayer and intercession in her story, an evident lesson of patience, and there’s also a lesson of positioning and preparation for meeting a suitable spouse. There is an amazing lesson on healthy tutelage and mentoring as well.

But, what I learned about a week ago is the lesson of disobedience in this story. I have NEVER heard anybody preach about it in my life. I never even considered this portion of the story, maybe because the disobedience happened in another story, and Esther’s story is a direct result of the disobedience.

There is an enemy of God’s people introduced in the third chapter of Esther, Haman is his name.

The lineage of Haman is given in the book of Esther, I have overlooked this vital information for years. God wanted us to see where Haman came from. Haman came from a line of people who hated Gods children. The only reason I discovered it is, I’ve been reading The Mantle of Esther written by Larry Christenson.

Mr. Christenson writes his book based on the power of intercession. In the book he points out how the adversary of the Jews, Haman, in the book of Esther, was a direct descendant of a person God gave King Saul instruction to kill all the way back in 1 Samuel chapter 15.

The king’s name was Agag and Agag was the king of the Amalekites. God instructed Saul to kill all of the Amalekites and to destroy their possessions. The Amalekites hated the people of God and wanted them dead. Saul kept the king alive and took some of the Amalekites possessions for himself.

Saul thought he saw value in something God told him to get rid of, and because of his carnal reasoning, many years later his people are facing genocide.

A no from God is usually a level of protection for our lives that goes beyond the right now.

Just because you don’t like God’s no, doesn’t mean you go rouge and do your own will.

Our will usually has so many strings attached to it, and those strings are bondage.

Elective bondage is something MANY of us do and once we’re tied up in it, it feels impossible to get out of. Thank God for grace and chances to get it right even after we consciously go against His will.

If Saul would have killed Agag as God instructed him to, there would have never been a Haman and the book of Esther would have never been written.

Obedience is truly better than sacrifice. In 1 Samuel Saul tried to offer up some of the cattle to God that he took from the Amalekites in disobedience, God rejected Saul’s offering.

We can’t disobey God, going against what He instructed us to do, but decide we are going to try to right our wrong with a “spiritual practice” and think he’ll accept it. No, contrary to popular opinion, God does not bless mess.

If God told us to get someone out of our lives it’s because He can see through the hallways of time, He understands the damage a connection to that person can do to our lives. When God instructs us to stop participating in a certain activity, to separate from a certain group, to be wiser in decision making, or to change our way of thinking, we MUST take heed.

God’s no goes beyond the here and now.

God knew Haman would come from the lineage of Agag wanting to annihilate the Jews, God’s chosen people.

Who or what is your Agag?

It seems harmless and you’re having a great time right now, but you also see the signs of danger in it, let it go now while getting rid of it or them is easy. Our disobedience can directly affect the lives of other people.

When we hear a no from God in prayer it can make us very uneasy, but the reality is a good father never tells his kids yes about everything they ask him for.

A good father is wise enough to know that his children aren’t always asking for things from a good place. Meaning, some of the things we ask for are self-centered and sometimes dangerous for us in the long run.

Take for example the prodigal son, who insisted that his dad give him his allotment of inheritance early. Do you recall what he did with the money? If you don’t know the story, read it in your down time.

The son spent ALL of his inheritance in record time on reckless living, ended up living with pigs, and eating slop.

This man’s father was royalty. But, because he couldn’t see clearly that he already had all he needed and wanted, he was selfish and demanded his inheritance early.

We go to God asking for things we’re not ready to handle because we “feel like” it’s time to receive it and we’re “ready” for it. The devil is a liar.

Most of us are not ready for the fullness of God’s blessing over our lives, we’d devour it in record time just like the prodigal son. God told Saul to kill Agag, but he kept him alive. Agag was a terror to God’s people and so was his descendant Haman.

What relationship do you need to end right now?

What habit do you need to kick?

I know what my Agag’s are and I am in process of killing them. If you’re anything like me you have more than one. For me it’s a person and a mindset.

Agag is this flesh of mine that demands everything God says I shouldn’t have.

The story of Esther wouldn’t exist if Saul would have followed the will of the Lord. Although the story of Esther is amazing and we see God’s hand of favor and blessing in it, it only exists because God had to go through drastic measures to save His people because Saul decided to go against His instruction.

We see the perfect will of God still taking place even though disobedience took place.

God’s permissive will is our free will. God isn’t a dictator who forces people to believe in Him.

God’s perfect will is going to be done even if we choose to be ignorant of His existence.

The bible says creation bears witness of His glory. We can see God everyday if we want to.

Who else but an amazing, omnipresent and omniscient God can create something as fascinating as earth and everything else out in the universe?

All WILL see how great our GOD is!

What story in your life would have never taken place if you would have listened to that small still voice on the inside that told you “don’t do that”?

Who would still be alive today if they would have listened to the instruction of their parents who were being led by God?

Where would America be today if we were really one nation under God?

No matter how good it feels to have that relationship right now, God says kill Agag!

Kill that connection because not long from now it’s going to take you on a road that is close to destruction.

Friend, it has the potential to take you and others you love OUT! It can damage your future mental stability and the dynamics of the relationships you enjoy with your family.

Your life may not be in literal danger, but your peace is and your future success in life will be threatened if your Agag isn’t killed. Kill Agag!

Stop the behavior and the habits that are threatening your health and well-being.

Get the help you need right now to move on.

Kill that unhealthy codependent relationship that threatens your growth.

Kill the doubt concerning your future.

Kill the unforgiveness and strife that is holding up the blessings God wants to give you.

Kill that mindset and be renewed in your mind through the study of Gods word.

We don’t need another dramatic story in our lives because of our disobedience. It’s time to kill Agag and be liberated from this flesh that only produces death and pain.

It’s not easy to follow godly instruction all if the time, and it’s NEVER popular, but it’s always worth it.

Hey, Gods will IS going to be done if we kill Agag or not, BUT look at what you’re doing by allowing him to live.

When you read the story in 1 Samuel 15, you will see that the prophet Samuel eventually kills Agag. I am not sure of the time line of Agag’s final demise because some of his descendants were still around in the story of Esther.

Although what God told Saul to do was eventually done by someone else, there was still major repercussions for his disobedience.

It’s better to kill Agag when God instructs you to.

It’s better to heed the instruction from the beginning, and do as you’ve been instructed, because you never know what lies ahead if you don’t take heed.

Don’t be fooled, listen to the small, still NO.

Kill all of the other noise.

I’m rooting and praying for us!

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