Best Chicken Korean drama, Korean drama that has no big audience but has Good Quality.

Facing difficult daily life and challenges that are not easy because of the covid phenomenon that hit Indonesia right when I graduated and the great desire to start a serious small business as an effective…

Unemployment from Different Perspectives

What comes to mind when you first hear the word Unemployment?
- Do not have a job.

Is the judge positive about unemployment?
- Explosion of the number of workers who are not balanced with the number of job vacancies

- Qualifications that are not suitable…

Covid Rain Phenomenon

Life seems dark, the sun refuses to rise even though light adorns the sky in the midst of a world that is so noisy with anxiety that can be read in every face. News on television and the internet is getting more and more disturbing, especially if…

Korean Drama This is My First Life

Has anyone inhabited this world a second time? Does anyone live a second life in the world?

Associating with the title of this drama, we all know that we are all living for the first time in this world. So everyone feels the…

Get to know VPN up close.

VPN is not foreign to our ears. We often use VPN for convenience and data security. But what is a VPN? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network or virtual private network to extend a private network on a public network and…

Batik and Kebaya from Indonesia.

Batik is a traditional clothing from Indonesia which is a cultural heritage that is preserved by the government by using batik as mandatory clothing for students, university students, office workers to government employees on Thursday or Friday or days of Indonesian cultural celebrations. Indonesian batik…

Strongest Deliveryman Kdrama Review

Strongest Deliveryman (최강 배달꾼) is a South Korean television series starring with main actress and actors like :
1. Go Kyung-pyo as Choi Kang So

2. Chae Soo-bin as Lee Dan Ah

3. Kim Seon-ho as Oh Jin Kyu

4. Ko Won-hee as Lee Ji Yon.

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

There are those who are happy if they get a job as an accountant, for example, with the expectation that the exhaustion of compiling financial reports, checking for errors in adjustment entries and checking the balance between accounts receivable and accounts payable with…

Everyone wants to have YouTube

I live in Indonesia. And the phenomenon of everyone wanting to be a content creator is the scene I see on the YouTube homepage, television news and viral news. This developing country has received a lot of help since the existence of YouTube, even many…

Tiara Merlin Annisa

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