All In — From Death to Life

The enemy wants to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10), and as we trudged deeper into the lives of 12 Vance students we saw evidence of this in their lives. The pain, tragedies, and traumatic experiences are unbearable. Some cut themselves to ward off the pain, others escape via sex, drugs, sports, anything you name it. Spiritually, this weekend was hard. But what an honor it is to fight and intercede for God’s lost sheep!

Their questions are valid, Like “How can a loving God allow me to experience this trauma as an innocent child?! Where was he?!” Or statements like “This earth is already Hell for me, so what’s the point?”

This weekend, kids saw life to the full, laughed like they hadn’t in a long time, and were super silly. It was beautiful to see them become kids again! But the best part?

At the end of the week we do something called a say so For those kids who have accepted Jesus for the first time.

Y’all! FOUR students from Vance high schools stood up and boldly proclaimed in the midist of 500 other students that this week, they surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. That’s 1/4 of our Vance camp trip. Also, out of every 10 kids that attended camp, 1 stood up and accepted Jesus for the first time!!

That’s the best part. That kids are able to fully grasp the saving grace of Jesus, and while they’re scared and still have tons of questions, they decided to take the leap.

What a good, good, Father God is. In that he pursues those far away from him, and uses people like us to do it.

So, let the redeemed of the Lord say so!

Thank you all for your prayers. The Vance YoungLife team is excited for our new brothers and sisters, and we’re excited to walk through this new Christian life with them as believers!

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