For The Love of Jesus

Okay I admit it, sometimes the stories and entering into the lives of Kids can be messy, hard, and so painful to walk into.

I’ve known Ashley* for 2 years. I met her through a teacher because she kept asking for someone to teach her about God and the teacher referred her to me! Ashley is a beautiful young lady, quiet, smart, and ambitious. We’ve hung out, laughed, had serious conversations about God, and multiple times she’s been on the verge of wanting to start a relationship with Jesus.

What do you do when someone knows the sacrificial love of Jesus and the consequences of living without him, yet chooses their own comfort above Him?

A couple years later, and Ashley and I are still close. However now, She’s in a verbally abusive relationship, she’s had an abortion, she’s outcasted at school, and her family life is in shambles. She’s sad, she’s hurt, and she’s in a viscous cycle of verbal abuse she can’t seem to get out of. One day she cried on my shoulder about her abortion and how God must hate her. After an hour of explaining His never ending love for and the Gospel of Jesus, she told me “I don’t want to give everything up for a God I don’t know. I like where I am”

So, what do you do?

As YoungLife leaders, we keep showing up. I will always show up.

I pray for Ashley everyday and I continue to hang out with her even though seeing her in cycle of despair is hard. Why?

Because Jesus pursued me millions of times when I didn’t want him.

He still pursues me when I choose everything over him? I love, because he loves. I think that’s what YoungLife is all about.

Would you join me in praying for:

  • Ashley to fill her emptiness with Jesus
  • 20 Vance students to attend fall weekend in December
  • 4 west Charlotte students to come to fall weekend
  • My heart: sometimes I get so discouraged and the enemy has a field day in my mind and heart.

Thank you all!!

Me, Ari, Madison, and Isley before Vance Homecoming!

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