“Pain Shapes A Girl into A Woman”

Nowadays Whatsapp statuses are getting very popular with quotes like “Pain shapes a Girl into a Woman”. People put it on their statuses, whenever they feel they are going through a tough time. Once I saw a girl to put this quote in her WhatsApp status. I became very curious about the meaning of it. Moreover, I wanted to know the reason for writing it. I asked her what happened and why did she put her status like that. You know what she replied? She told that her boyfriend left her, so she was broken these days but now she is trying to be stronger and recovering from the shock and anger. She learned a lot from this incident. Lot of pain she has been through. That has made her even more stronger.

Girls specially put this quote as their status because it is related to them. That was the first time I felt that each people have their own opinion on the pre-written quotes written by some people with awesome humor. Like, if you ask people, “What does this quote mean or How can you relate your situation to this quote”, 80% of them will answer almost the same. That is, “This quote is about the girls who go through a lot of discrimination, mocking, and heartbreaks, and that makes them stronger day by day. They learn a lot from these and become mature. And through this learning, she becomes a woman from an immature girl”, all will see the quote in mental aspect, but the physical part, they tend to forget it.

What I think is, the 80% people including boys or men, what they say is right, but partially. The thing is we the girls are someone’s daughter, someone’s sister, someone’s wife, someone’s mother. We are related to many people. But, we sometimes forget about our own existence and devote ourselves to some of our close people invite more and more pain to ourselves.

There are many types of pain that we girls experience in our life. Starting from birth, when the baby is born, that time the baby cries only because he feels some pain while starting its own organs to work. The respiratory system, the other organs also starts working. Then the small life begins its life as a girl. Then gradually the girl enters in her childhood, and then in the teenage, the pain occurs for the first time when she enters in the span of her life’s one of the most important phase. She experiences her menstrual cycle for the first time.

After entering to this phase, she becomes shy, more gentle, very quiet and calm all so sudden, careful about what she does and what she talks about. The feminism inside her starts to ooze out day by day, month by month her physical and mental development makes her mature with various experiences in her life.

Then she crosses her teenage life and enters into the adult phase. Heartbreaks, betrayals and many other complexities start showing up to her life. She receives so much of mental pain from her beloved ones too. Some have a boyfriend problem, some have a family problem, some have a career problems, some already have some marital problem. All of these are some demons of hell that creep into our real world to give us pain, masked as burdens. Love life is a big problem in this phase. There are many types of problem in a relationship. That I am not going to discuss through this context, but obviously they r the reason why u feel the mental pressure. And that is another type of pain.

Then comes, the most sensitive, painful, important phase of a girl’s life. She gets pregnant. Pregnancy is the privilege of experiencing God’s miracles on earth. It is like “In my flesh shall I see God”. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the experience of a pregnancy. Science has made it possible to witness the baby’s growth on a sonogram. Once you see that, there’s no turning back. Watching and feeling this little miracle growing inside you, knowing that one day you will hold this child in your hands is one of the greatest gifts that can be experienced. 9 months of waiting comes to an end one day. She gives birth to her child, she forgets how much pain has she had borne. Nine months of pain disappears in one moment when she sees her own child, wrapped in a towel, the small hands and legs, pinkish skin with little eyes and mouth and a cute nose makes her the happiest person ever. No other thing as precious as her child that time, for her child, she can bear any pain leave anything, from that day, her only motto of life is to raise her child. Make him a good human being. She becomes a very mature and patient mother and a right decision taker, her thinking power and foresight power becomes stronger. She becomes a “Woman”.

(This context is written only on my opinion. There can be so many other opinions, Men can recieve so much of pain too but being a girl, I maybe understand our pain better. This is my thought on this particular quote, No intention to start a Debate.)

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