Deconstruction of The Waist Trainer

What woman doesn’t want to look like Kim Kardashian?… What woman doesn’t want to have a body like Nicki Minaj?… What woman doesn’t want to have a perfect hourglass figure like Amber Rose?… Or ANY woman ‘Instagram Famous’ for that matter?


So they say…

Waist trainers are being worn EVERYWHERE! With promises of a slimmer waist, better posture, and the attention from every man in the WORLD as soon as you put it on!

Unfortunately, this isn’t quite true. Yeah, it might make your waist appear slimmer but these results aren’t permanent. You would have to continue to wear it forever in order to have an inch or two decrease. Forever. They usually won’t mention that part, along with the fact that you still have to exercise and diet… And if I still have to exercise and diet, then WHATS THE POINT?

I honestly feel that most of the celebrities who advertise waist trainers already have these shapely figures. Or secretly got some type of plastic surgery to achieve this look.

Some doctors say that restrictive shape wear like this can cause sharp stomach pains, shallow breathing and numbness in your legs. Some reports even go as far as to say that prolonged use can result in displacement of the internal organs, slowed metabolism, compressed lungs, organ failure, and FRACTURED RIBS!

But of course that won’t be in the ad.

But who cares…

because who DOESN’T want to look like KIM KARDASHIAN?

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