Impressive Ways To Make Gift Boxes To Amaze People

Tia Toby
Tia Toby
Jul 8, 2019 · 4 min read

What Is The Purpose Of Using The Gift Box?

Wrapping up the gift and choosing a gift box is an art and you have to do it nicely and with great care. Wrapping up can take some time but your hard work will pay off by getting you to love of your loved ones. The gift can increase the love and respect for you in the hearts of your loved ones.

Follow These Easiest Ways For Making The Gift Boxes:

  • Scrap Cards:

You can create the gift box using the scrap cards and you have to discover a place where you can easily create the box. You need many items for making the box such as the piece of card stock, glue, scissors, paint, paintbrush, ruler, and paper slicer or cutter etc. Now, take the paper and draw the X on it. You have to draw it in the center of the paper and keep it in your mind that you have to fold these sides. Give the paper shape of the diamond and both sides must meet each other equally. You will get four corners of the paper such as left, right, top, and bottom. Now you have to open the flaps from the top and bottom and leave the other twos in the center. Open the sides up and now, fold the top and bottom in the inner side.

The folding outlines must go to the center by making a triangle. In reality, you are making a house and separating the roof of the house from the base of it. Now, fold all the triangles and put the top triangles over all of them. If there are creases on the paper remove them all. Now, use the glue to gather them all and let it dry properly for one or two hours. You can make the cover of the box in the same way that you have used for making the bottom of the box.

  • Folded Paper Gift Box:

The items that you need for making the gift packaging boxes using folded paper are crafted paper and tape for measuring the paper and box for accurate size. First, you will be making the bottom box and you can choose any size according to your wish but it must be the same in both sizes. Make the three cuts to make flaps and the cut must be 3 or 6 inches deeper. Now, turn around the flaps from top and bottom to the inner side. Then cut the sides up to 1.5 inches where the flap stops. The flaps will look like the triangles. Now, take the other part of the paper which is smaller than the other piece of felt.

The process for making this side of the box will be similar but the size will be a bit smaller, so you have to cut it using the scissors up to 1.5 inches. Cut it diagonally to remove the small triangles. Remove all the creases from the paper. Now, use the glue for joining all the sides of the bottom box and then join the top box. Give it some time for drying out completely but you have to hold the sides of the boxes tightly. Your box is ready now; you can decorate it using any materials that you want.

What Is The Right Way To Find The Designs For Making The Gift Box?

It does not matter from where you pick the design; the only thing that is significant is that you have to deliver that design to your box in a good way. You can draw the design on a piece of paper so that you will be able to recall it when it is the right time to create the gift box. You can find the free gift box outlines from the internet and get the photocopy of it easily. You can discover the design for the gift boxes from the internet and you can also make your own personalized design.

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