This article was originally posted on my personal blog on 2010/03/03. It took a little more time than I thought at that time, but IE died as I thought !

I am pretty sure 2 years from now, developers will not anymore do any internet explorer development :
Here’s why :

1. Mobile companies never stop from gaining more and more internet market share, and they don’t bundle with ie. For now it’s not a very big market share, but 2 years from now, it’ll be a different thing.

2. The top 4 of the the mobile browser stats are standard compliant browsers (

3. Internet explorer development costs more and more each day, because of the browser’s buggyness, and oldness, and pure player companies start asking themselves if it’s still worth it to take 1 hour to do IE compatible rounded corners while you could use fancy buttons instead

4. When you have to develop a web app, adaptability is key, and when you write IE hacks, you or your colleagues are duplicating code, and adapt it to the browser, so you lose some maintainability. And while you are doing this,
you could have done a bunch of other things, including :

  • Do all sort of html5 things (canvas/video/audio)
  • Turn yourself to the future instead of the past

5. IE development get developers and graphic designers crazy, because it’s not reacting as it should. It’s a waste of time, and it’s ruining a lot of people lives by blocking their creativity.

6. Tablets : in a near future, many people will get a tablet, not only apple
fan boys, but tomorrow, computers will not fit anymore the vast majority
of people needs. Tomorrow, they’ll get “other” computers, for example : tablets, projectors.

7. All these pretty things will be on modern OSes, and they’ll get Webkit/Gecko based browser, for sure (because of their opensourceness)

8. And when IE is going to die, it will die very quick, because the vast majority of developers will start to ignore it.

9. Chrome / Chrome tab, and Webkit are going to win this battle, because of their virality, opensourceness

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