Sharing back the making of the web-documentary Pregoneros de Medellín (Colombia)

N.B : This post will discuss the realization of the interactive part of the web-documentary about the street-vendors of Medellín: Pregoneros de Medellín (in English “The Criers of Medellín”). If you do not know it, you should check-it out before reading this article: , and/or watch the trailer:

Since the early days we were thinking the web-doc Pregoneros de Medellín , we wanted to realize a virtual streetwalk, because of the narrative value of it, not for the fancy of having a nice streetwalk.

We never gave a lot of thought in: “How will be the experience…

Thibault Durand

Tinkering (digital)things : Maps, 3D, AI, Storytelling, IoT, Data Viz: , ,,… Freelancing!

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