Article by Tania Tiberia

Yesterday I lost my friend. Gaspare Vinciguerra, a renown architect in the region. He is to me the son of a wonderful woman with the strength and kindness of bamboo, Tommasina, he is the friend of my dearest late uncle Totto and he is a human being I shared many points of view with, many battles, the sense of truth, the sense of justice, the universal sense of belonging to this planet and respect for all its elements from the human being to the air we breathe.

Today, I miss him already. This time the strong…

Article By Riccardo Coroneo

Courtesy By Thanasis Papazacharias — pixabay

I decided to write this piece to share some considerations about cybersecurity onboard cruise ships, as it seems out of the radar of many market players.

As usual, let’s bring the environment we deal with into perspective.

A modern ship is literally a small town that can sail and move across the globe on the sea surface. Like any modern towns, it has IT needs of several types and most of its systems are controlled remotely. They therefore also need a modern communication network. …

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As if only SIM cards mattered…

Article by Gaia I. Livot

The MNO (Mobile Network Operator) is the technology gateway through which innovative solutions are marketed in the form of tangible services enabling users to achieve their personal and professional goals. While mainstream services are responsively scouted and integrated in the MNO’s infrastructure to satisfy market needs, innovation responds to a different dynamic apt to satisfy or unveil needs with new ways of using what is available in a sort of re-conversion process. …

Article by Riccardo Coroneo

Offspring of the many questions from customers, curious acquaintance and friends alike this piece helps them (better) understand what my usual tasks in this field are.

But let’s taper it off!

By SOC we mean the set of integrated technological solutions, highly specialized staff and set of “rules” that have the task of identifying, analyzing and giving indications to identify and remedy an ongoing or foreseeable cyber-attack.

This environment is expected to deliver the maximum level of cyber-defense as the proactive and reactive organization to be put in place for a company or any type of…

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