Design It Like Our Livelihoods Depend on It:
Marina Gorbis

For the future of work, see www.sensorica.coimplementing the Open Value Network. It`s simple: everyone is a freelancer, an autonomous human being, a free being. People dynamically assemble into projects and share the benefits according to a methods that they chose. We have developed tools for the past 5 years for this, including governance, legal structures, methodologies, etc. SENSORICA is now interfacing well with other private companies, Universities and Governmental institutions. This is no dream and no jock. We are generating revenue and the system seems to work well. Moreover, this is a system that can be scaled planet wide. Not a platform! This is about peer production NOT the Ubersation of work. And guess what, SENSORICA cannot be bought or soled, not because we don`t want that, but because it is impossible to do it.

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