Or lots of things you need to know to self-diagnose your covid19 functional illiteracy. And treat it? Let’s keep hopes at bay for now.

The virus existence

What is then the common trigger? If you’re out of regular suspects, you’re on the right path to considering a pathogen.

Belief in the virus

Lots of non-religious things taken for granted, huh? A virus, any virus, can infect you and those around you regardless your beliefs. Viruses are living things that know two things: to enter host cells and to multiply. That’s it. If cells are of a bat, of a pangolin, of a cat or of a human is irrelevant to them.

The virus virulence

No such cases come to mind? Really? Maybe it’s time for you to take #covid19 for what it is: a systemic disease with deadly or crippling effects.

The dreaded masks

Kind of hard to say no, right? Masks should not to be mandated if we exercise common sense, as they are just filters, preventing pollutants and pathogens being ingested or spewed towards those around us.

The long term effects

So, is it still debatable balancing factual and documented versus theorized and undocumented social-media here-say? We’ve lived three waves so far. We know the pitfalls. And, yes we know the short term benefits (in countries over 70% vaccination). Do we need to die or kil others with our blissful ignorance?