No equality in racism and sexism

Case and point, the current stir regarding Serena Williams and the drawing published in the Herald Sun.

If memory serves, and in this case it does, because there’s less than a year since, a similar case had as protagonists Simona Halep and Charlie Hebdo.

Now Serena is a victim, for behaving, arguably, like a spoiled brat. Back then Simona was just trolled, and only Romanians were angry about a misguided comparison disguised in freedom of speech.

There was no racism, no sexism in Simona’s case, because frankly she is lacking the right national and racial background to become such a high profile public figure defendable by the hordes of online influencers.

She’s just another Caucasian, coming from a forsaken Eastern European country. Who worked for years to become #1. Who sacrificed a lot go get there. Who won her first major title, only to have it tarnished by French media. Who is still #1 and there’s a good chance will preserve that spot till the year ends. Meh, details.

So yeah, take Serena’s side. You’ve got all the reasons to. Even media has something to criticize about Simona’s outfit (although Simona usually states precisely the opposite, when talking about professionaly relevant subjects), as a defense for Serena’s spiraling out fashion choices.

You’d be a first world problems solver, and worthy of every word your title encompasses.

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