Black Women vs. White Men In Public Spaces: Crosswalk Experiment and Relevance
Kayla Renee Parker

The beauty of statistics is that you can twist it as you like to shape your “truth”. Your article as such, is not about Black female in a White male world, is about bias.

Picture the reverse, which your fellow White female didn’t statistically bother to prove: her entering alone in a gas station managed and populated by Black people only. I guess she would have been welcomed with a smile and presented with a discourse such as this “We feel sorry about the centuries of entitlement you’ve been subjected to by your White peers, but here we do our best to please any customer. What can we do to serve?”.

Regarding your crosswalk test, just take a look at how such tests should be performed, and what is the actual reason behind it:

Another test, went even further, and used the same well dressed White man, but holding a brown bag, because yeah nothing screams drunk more than drinking from one. The results were similar: he was blissfully ignored by pedestrians walking beside him.

So overall, it’s about alterity, about what we define as peers. It’s not about skin color. Or gender. Or sexual preference. It goes deeper, whether you may feel inclined to acknowledge or not.

But don’t trust me, I’m White, male and thus privileged. In a sense that I’ve experience discrimination in ways you never came across, from peer White people. But give folks such as the one below credit. He gets it ;)