Or lots of things you need to know to self-diagnose your covid19 functional illiteracy. And treat it? Let’s keep hopes at bay for now.

The virus existence

There is no virus. Fine. Reality is that many people are dying. Why now? Why so many? We had high pollution levels before. We had WiFi…

In a shocking move, Disney cut all ties with actress Gina Carano.

Well, shocking for anyone not paying attention to the fact that technological giants are going above and beyond the law for some years now.

After decades of peddling toxic online behaviors (yes, you Facebook, by suggesting strangers to befriend and viral posts to read) for the sake of profiling and advertising profit, after inoculating people with the mantra that they need a voice, the fine print of their own agenda came to fruition: they started blocking access to people and groups and terminating businesses and careers. For people that by law are not felons.

All this while children can merrily choke to death (yes, you TikTok) and child porn and predators still roam video platforms (yes, you YouTube).

… we came to play, that’s where our species’ bound to stay.

Exhibit T: The Tarts

From recipes of rotten yeast, we’re scrunching pastries of the East,

While gilded bakers of the West, are yet to care about the rest.

Exhibit H: The Hatter

In any subject matters, no words are quite like Hatter’s,

He cleansed our dirty…

courtesy abc.net.au

… to keep oneself safe from germs such as SARS-CoV-2.

[DISCLAIMER]: All the suggestions below are not the result of a scientific approach. They are the result of try-fail-adjust experiences during COVID19 social distancing and teleworking.

One of the basic recommendations during the COVID19 pandemic is to wash our hands…

It’s snakes. It’s bats. It’s bat-eating snakes. It escaped a lab in Wuhan. It was planted by evil Americans. And so many more already here and waiting in line.

Nah. It’s us. With moderately few exceptions it rounds up to the same exceptionally human traits:

  • we’re selfish. Name the occasions…

… and it took feminism to the grave with it.

And thus the prodigal thirty silver pieces return. Or make that 25. And millions.

Good game, SJW. You’ve shown the likes of Weinstein that they can roam free and untainted without even reaching towards the tip of their pockets.

Since US’s law system is based on precedent, a new one is about to be set: abuse is good. For both the abuser and the abused. Then, why bother calling it as such, if money is all it takes to strip all traces of wrongdoing?

Let’s call it properly. The oldest of trades.

We’ve always looked out and up. But that process always ended up with us tumbling down. Because there are many thresholds before we step through the gates of Heavens.

So what’s with Kardashev and his scale? To quote wikipedia:

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level…

Democrația se dezbate la vot.

Nu la teveu. Acolo se dezbate circul. Presa nu are drept scop informarea, ci fluturașul de la sfârșitul lunii. Care vine doar printr-o combinație fericită de audiență și obediență relativ la cei care dețin punguța cu doi bani (patroni sau statul cel generos care împarte…

Because you think it’s vibrant and you cannot be bothered with how it came to be.

Because you know it’s great and you cannot be bothered with how it fails you.

We’ve met, and since you found my words appalling, you’ve put a label on me.

As if a label of your choosing is all that it takes to make my words and my self less worthy.

You shout high and loud about equality and tolerance, yet all you can spare towards me is disdain and hatred.

You assume I own some truth and my stride is towards subjecting you to it, yet you are oblivious of my background and my intent.

My value and worth are there to acknowledge only if I agree and bounce your words back like an identity-less automaton.

Tiberiu Szöcs-Mihai


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