Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design
Josh Elman

I agree on the discovery features of Snapchat is not a bug and be taught by another person is a very important step.

However I am always annoyed by the fact the Snapchat “tricks” don’t always work and/or they change without notice.

By example, exiting the discovery channels had several iterations. I understand their motives but even the teens around me get upset by this.

My view is at some stage, no matter what your interface is, you accept the dictature of the interface. Because the cost of stopping using the software is too expensive, unbearable.

I started to see that phenomeneon with the web apps that could be updated overnight. You can upset alot of users by changing one button.

It seems that as we get older, we like the technology to settle. Too often I see designers ignoring this simple mental model: “Why can’t we continue to do all those things the way we were doing them?”

I would love to see, not a shareable design, but a more permissive design that know how to evolve with our context, our abilities, seamlessly.

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