An original self made healthy recipe, containing various seeds and dried fruits altogether.

The below recipe is extremely healthy, rich in powerful antioxidants.

It is recommended to be consumed 30 minutes before any meal, or after.

Also, any drinks should be avoided while consuming these seeds, and wait at list 30 minutes until doing so.

You need the following seeds and dried fruits:

1. A handful (literally) of Almonds,

2. A handful of roasted but unsalted Peanuts,

3. A handful of Sunflower seeds,

4. A handful of Pumpkin seeds,

5. A handful of Cashew nuts,

6. A handful of Walnuts.

These seeds and nuts, are to be combined with the following dried fruits:

1. A handful of Golden Raisins,

2. A handful of Lingonberries.

Mix all of these together in an appropriate bowl (wooden or ceramic), and you are ready to go.

This recipe is a very complex one, it easily replaces any meal, and it gives you a reasonable boost in case of physical activities.

Also, these seeds and fruits are not just randomly picked, and these ones in particular, cover all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are needed on a daily basis, by any individual.

If you are going out for an outdoor picnic or backpacking, it is strongly recommended to store this mixture, in a wooden or glass type canister (especially if it’s a hot weather).

The reason for this is, the fact that any plastic tends to be toxic upon food within a period of time, mostly if it’s warmed up.

This recipe is suitable for anyone at any age, regardless of a particular lifestyle or eating habits.

Enjoy! :)

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