80+ Coffees, Lunches, and Drinks

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I try to say yes when people want to connect. Sometimes we have a friend in common or a colleague introduces us. Sometimes they reach out cold. Unless they’re a weird jerk or horribly awkward, it’s usually an interesting conversation and the opportunity to meet a kindred spirit.

The past three months have shown me the magic of keeping in touch. I’ve had countless (actually, I counted and it’s 80+) meetings to get clarity on my career and future in Portland. There have been people who I’ve helped in the past, who could help me, who just like me and want to do me a favor or I like them and just want to hang out. Most of these meetings didn’t have a planned outcome except a willingness to accept whatever might come out of it.

I’ve left so many of those meetings feeling good about myself, about humanity, about the innate goodness inside each of us and our desire to bring it out in others. Want to have lunch sometime?