Content Behavior > Content Channel

We talk a lot about where people “live” online. We know where to reach them but we know much less about what they consume and why.


Yes, it’s important to know if your audience prefers Instagram to Twitter or Quora to Reddit. We need to know where we can reach a large group of people who might be interested in our brand/product/message.


But more importantly, what do they consume? Or like? Or share? Or comment on? Or return to? Long videos, short how-to videos, relevant links, inspirational photos, time-sensitive news, etc?


And then there’s the biggest question—what do they need/want/expect from our brand/product? It’s probably not the same thing they want from their friends and family. Or the influencers they follow. Or the brands/products that are currently relevant to them.

Determining the balance between content that is entertaining or that is useful is hard. Having the courage to step away when we provide neither is even harder.