Do this. Good things will follow.

My friend Stacy Stevenson had some words of wisdom about a very specific topic we were discussing this past weekend. I took a step back and realized these are good rules to follow in life.

Ask Questions

Everyone likes to talk about themselves. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.

Follow Up

If there are things you’ve promised to do or answers you promised to track down, do them. Or be really honest why you can’t.

Reply Immediately

I’m bad at this one, so this is a good wake-up call for me. Why are you neglecting those emails/texts/voicemails/etc? The person on the other end wants to talk to you. Now.

Be Nice

I’ll give this a slight twist…Be Kind. There’s no reason in life to be a jerk, to treat someone poorly and make them feel bad. It’s not about being a doormat, it’s about common decency and respect for other people.

Go forth and be good humans!

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