Just how much influence can we have?

For the community meeting that I went to last week, we are trying to rally around a cause that feels meaningful as well as achievable (well sort of). We talked ourselves in circles but it seems to me like we have a few options.

1. Influence *that* people vote

This seems the most “achievable.” And considering the timeframe of now until the midterm elections, seems reasonable.

Audience: People who won’t vote because it just doesn’t matter

Goal: Increase number of voters (regardless of who they vote for)

Strategy: Either focus on the democratic right of voting or use scare tactics about what will happen if they don’t vote

2. Influence *how* people vote

This one seems more meaningful, but much more complex.

Audience: Progressives who might vote, but don’t know much about who or what they’re voting for

Goal: Increase number of votes for progressive candidates and causes

Strategy: Education or inspiration about candidates and causes

3. Influence *why* people vote

This one is fascinating, but seems like a PhD thesis in the works.

Audience: Progressives who might vote

Goal: Shift in mindset about the purpose of voting

Strategy: ???

I’m looking forward to talking about this on Sunday with the group. Hopefully, we can gain some consensus.