Procraftination: The art of crafting to avoid to doing real work

Why do something now, when you could put it off by crafting?

By mending my duvet cover with Japanese sashiko.

Not my duvet, but the jeans I mended in my Sashiko class.

Or by sleying my reed for a weaving project.

Working at my favorite weaving studio — Meridian Jacobs

Or rug hooking the same project that I’ve been working on for 4 years.

This isn’t me. I grabbed it from here, because I still haven’t finished my project.

Or making balloon tassles for my wedding.

Pro tip: Use plastic tablecloths from the dollar store, rather than tissue paper.

Or making an old fashioned mix tape.

This was made in 2013. Mix tapes forever!

Or drinking wine, watching bad TV and finishing a baby blanket.

My cousin’s daughter Sydney with the blanket I wove her.

Yeah, I’ll get to that thing later…until then I’ll procraftinate.