Freelancing makes me feel like a superhero and a loser at the same time
Ashley S

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Awesome Depressing Freelance Lyfe — Part Deux

I found your article very interesting. Not in an “Oh that’s interesting aka I’m bored kinda way, but in an “My friend Ashley has written something that I identify with, that resonates with me, and even if we weren’t friends, I’m curious enough that I would have found this post to be enlightning.

Image courtesy of Marco Raaphorst

Your timing is also impeccable, as I’ve found two further articles that kind of relate to it:

  1. The first one from Quartz, about remote working (whether as an employee, contracter and freelancer). It makes the point that the life of a digital nomad travelling around the world —something that our professional life setups allow us to do— can also be filled with loneliness and a certain amount of chaos. They also chatted with Pieter Levels, founder of NomadList and Remote OK— both websites and communities
It’s available here.

2. The second article is… also from Quartz. This one talks about mental issues, as seen from the prism of success, failure, stress and depression. As Freelancers, we do get lonely, anxious, and then there’s our good friend the Impostor Syndrome.

You can read it here.

Just thought it’d be worth sharing with your friends and readers :)