Every year it’s a mess when it comes to my anniversary. My wife always has some high expectations and every year I fail to achieve them. May be because the mountain of expectations is too high or maybe I have a really low understanding of buying gifts for her. Well I have gotten her everything till now- that’s what I believe but according to her there is still something special left.

But a red rose will always be a red rose how many more times it will make you feel special? So here comes another year with bundle of more problems happiness and anniversary. God the anniversary.

Wife logic: Husband should always make sure the anniversary present is always on point and ill just chill and accept the present and give nothing in return.

Yeah you still get to eat the same beans she made last night. What even?

This time I was out of ideas well like every time I was out of ideas. I was so done, to move and go to the nearest mall so I just logged on to internet looked at nice presents that would be in my budget and perhaps make my wife feel special. Well I don’t know why she needs to reminded about being special like women you have me as your husband what else do you want?

Well on the internet a bright pretty unique gift idea popped on to the screen DIAMOND EARRINGS SET IN 14K WHITE GOLD and I just know this was it. But then since it was tiny and I knew my wife’s heart would shrink the same size too so I looked more on the tic2toc website. I figured out a Michael Kors women’s watch will do it too. MK5491 for my beautiful wife. Surprisingly this time I was sure that she’ll like it.

When I went home I was shocked to see how she managed to make equal efforts for me. A candle light dinner, scented candles and delicious food. Just when we decided to give each other our presents guess what?

An Armani Watches! We both got each other present from the same place. And this time I fell in love with her even more!

Oh yes she loved the earrings and watch, she couldn’t stop talking about it for days!

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