Tinubu speaks on Shonekan’s acting government bound for failure

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, took a trip down memory lane to the third republic and reminisced on the regime of Ernest Shonekan.

Speaking in hindsight, he said that the administration was fated to fail.

He made the statement at the public launch of the book titled, “Nigeria’s Aborted 3rd Republic and the June 12 Debacle: Reporters’ Account” in Abuja.

On August 27, 1993, Shonekan was installed as president after Babangida declared his intention to stand down amid the June 12 presidential election’s annulment.

His administration did not last long because it was overthrown on November 17, 1993, by the late General Sani Abacha.

According to Tinubu, who was represented by Bayo Onanuga, Director of Media and Publicity for the APC Presidential Campaign Council, the transition plan was crafted by the ruling class to fail.

He spoke about the third republic and its premonitions of it not lasting long and said it was the most short-lived of all the republics

He stated, “The entire transition programme of the military administration of the time, according to discerning critics, was designed to fail. It was, they said, meant to make then military president Ibrahim Babangida succeed himself as a civilian president.”



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