TickerTrends.io Alternative Data Platform

2 min readSep 19, 2022

TickerTrends has set out to create the “Bloomberg Terminal” of alternative data by creating a customizable, dynamic and easy to use comprehensive service and platform. Most important, the platform is accessible providing a service that was previously reserved for billion dollar hedge funds to the masses.

We live in the information age, and this means that virtually everything is trackable online. There has never been a better time to be able to understand consumer and societal change through data than there is today.

Financial markets have yet to realize the full potential of this data, resorting to antiquated forms of analysis, overcomplexity of information or lack of flexibility in moving capital fast enough to keep up with the data.

With this in mind, we set out to create TickerTrends, an accessible alternative data platform that provides users with the tools necessary to turn alternative data into actionable insights or information.

TickerTrends is an alternative data research platform for financial markets and more. TickerTrends is able to track millions of terms across various curated data sources including search, social, web, etc. Users are able to easily synthesize and analyze this data through various customizable charts, tables and more. An introduction video including the TickerTrends founder, Adrien Nav, can be found below:


  • Alternative data updated daily
  • Dynamic pro chart
  • Custom formulas to rank data
  • Ticker ranking table
  • Web traffic data
  • Social data
  • Search data
  • Data set management and data imports
  • Popular page
  • And more!

TickerTrends is not only an alternative data platform, it is also a resource and community. The TickerTrends team continuously creates valuable content, guides, research and more for Ticker Plus subscribers to ensure that they are successful on the platform. In addition, Ticker Plus is a community of like-minded investors, researchers and more who collaborate with each other in order to make everyone more successful in achieving their goals.

This is only the beginning of TickerTrends and we excited for what is to come. Feel free to join our Telegram Chat and ask us questions or join the TickerTrends platforms through the Ticker Plus subscription, we can’t wait to meet all of you!

Enquiries: admin@navtrading.co