We made a Ticketfly app!

Mar 16, 2016 · 3 min read

When Ticketfly was founded in 2008, mobile commerce was still a pretty new concept. Zoom forward 8 years, and it makes up about 30% of all US e-commerce. People really love their phones.

Ever since we acquired WillCall, we’ve been heads down rethinking the mobile purchase experience for all of our users. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we had to take a huge step back and re-examine our architecture.

Shipping this app has been a tremendous effort from the entire company to create what we think is the greatest ticket purchase experience available. And we’re incredibly proud to share it with you.

Simple Purchase Flow

We wanted to make it as easy as absolutely possible to navigate through the purchase flow. No time wasted on loading new screens. The flow from browsing a list of events though completing a purchase is quick, easy, and efficient.

One Touch Purchase

Buying tickets to concerts has always been somewhat of a pain. In the early days, we could go to a venue in advance and purchase tickets at the box office or a grocery store kiosk. The first big leap in ticket-grabbing efficiency came with ordering online. It was a magical 10 minute process that felt like a gift from angels. 16 years later, mobile commerce has dramatically changed the way we shop and spend money. In a few seconds you can purchase nearly anything imaginable.

There’s a flip side to making it so incredibly easy to purchase tickets — people do it on accident. Sometimes you’re mulling it over and your thumb grazes the Buy button. We’ve all been there, so we had three goals when creating our purchase flow:

  1. Make it incredibly easy to purchase tickets.
  2. Eliminate accidental taps.
  3. Visually communicate that something big is happening.

We think we really solved these problems with our tap and hold purchase confirmation. There’s generous visual feedback to let you know your going through with a purchase, while providing a small window of time to change your mind at the last minute.

Quick Access to Tickets

We’ve all been that person in line at a show, fumbling through emails trying to hunt down a barcode to get scanned into the venue. We still give you that email with the barcode, but you can now also access your tickets in as little as two taps via the app. Or add them to your Apple Wallet. Blammo. Done deal. Ready to go!

City by City Curation

A lot of folks know exactly what they’re looking for. They’re rabid fans of amazing acts and don’t need any help finding something great to see. The rest of us may need a little help from tasteful experts. So we created tools to curate great shows in our top cities. Our curators are constantly updating these wonderful lists, so feel free to dip in as often as you like. Each city has it’s own unique title card that we hope are fun, playful representations of those places.

City Card Ideas

Just the Beginning

The result of all of this hard work is a brand new Ticketfly app for iOS that we’re incredibly proud of. Purchase tickets in just a few taps, and never worry about misplacing your tickets again. It’s a big step forward, and we hope you love it.

Grab the app and let us know what you think. 🎉


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