Warner Bros Studio Tour London the Making of Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry potter is the most loved character in the world. It is the book and movie series which is completely fictional yet people wish to visits the place. You can now visits the world of harry potter and also the Warner bros studio. It is the tour to the Warner Bros tour studio. The studio tour which is offered almost lasts for 3 hours and it is the time of which you will beallowed in the studio. The tours includes the transportation to the world of harry potter and it takes almost 1 and half hour to reach there.

Tour duration

The tour lasts for half day long as the travelling distance is also more. The tour starts with the short cinema screen video and also with the short demonstration in which the harry potter and the other characters walk through time of the making of the films of harry potter. The tickets are usually sold out quickly and thus people believe in booking advance. In such cases also the tour people can arrange the tickets for you at the last minute as well. You need to hold your breat has you will be stepping into the magical world. Once you walk in the past you will be enjoying the famous character of the harry potter and also the dursleys. The place where harry potter lived is shown.

Then you will enter the studio staff and the directors and producers will be in forming you about the tales of the way harry potter came into the existent. Then the giant doors are opened and you enter the great hall where the harry potter and other classmates were seen in the fin. You will actually feel as if you have moved into the world of harry potter. The props, clothes, etc will be same as in the movie. You will also be seeing the platform and also see the Hogwarts express.

Other tours

The experience will be faced of the affects of the moving train and also the effects of the broomsticks flying in air. The tours include the entrance to the Warner bros studio and also the return transportation to the London. Top of Form

There are some of the tours which are running in London at different places and that also at reasonable rates. The Stonehenge tour is the one which departs from the station of Victoria and it moves ahead towards Stonehenge.

The tours start in morning and afternoon as well. Thus make sure to check you’re booking and departure timings before moving. The return transportation is included in the tour provided by them and it also includes the fish and chips along with lunch or dinner. Another such interesting tour is the big bus tour along with the Madame Tussads package. You can start with your day in London and with the best sightseeing areas. The most popular sightseeing is shown in this tour and it is guided with the commentary.

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