Fight Back Against Those Bad Habits

I finished Seth Godin’s altMBA two weeks ago today. Upon “completion,” I said to myself I was transformed and my life had changed. I kept saying it was up to me to make sure I saw that change through. I just needed a little break to recharge after such an intense experience. I gave an inch and saw what could happen.

Let me rewind (imagine a movie scene rewinding all the way back to before I started the altMBA program six weeks ago).

I was king of the lizard brains. I’ve always had great ideas, but I never saw them through because I was on to the next amazing idea I had. I didn’t write them down and hold myself accountable.

I was a procrastinator and loved to lay on the couch and watch TV because I needed something “brainless” to do. I’m in the process of cancelling DirectTV to go all streaming. I’m doing it to save money. I originally gave myself until Jan. 1 to cancel DirectTV but didn’t write it down. It’s Feb. 22 and I still have DirectTV and two HD antennas not hooked up. I just keep saying I’ll get to it.

I was never much of a book reader, but when I got my welcome box of books from the altMBA I was determined to become a reader again. I plowed through those books and was excited to dive back into reading once the program was over. I even put together seven books I wanted to read. In the two weeks since the program, I’ve read two days totaling 80 pages of one book.

During the program, I started publishing on Medium every Monday, a pace I felt was perfect for me. Last Monday was the first Monday after the program and I didn’t publish.

What am I getting at with all of this? Bad habits suck and they’re hard to break. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Seth it’s doing something is better than doing nothing.

Today I’m doing something about those bad habits. I’m committed to publishing on Medium every Monday. I’m committed to reading 30 minutes a day. I’m committed to ending my DirectTV subscription by Feb. 29. And most importantly, I’m committed to achieving my two goals I laid out in the program by Feb. 29 (personal) and May 1 (professional).

Today is the day I say no more bad habits and so can you. No matter how big or small it is, write it down and ship it.