The Hard Part

This is the first in a series of stories of self reflection that I hope will help me create the changes I desire — to create a ripple effect in my own and my family’s life, and beyond.

Change is hard. You’ve probably read those words before. I’m sure I’ve written those words before. I came out of the altMBA ready to change. I’ve told people how much of a life changing experience it was, but it is truly up to me to ensure I live up to that assessment.

I am currently failing. I am tired. I am disappointed in myself. I am trying to understand the power of YES and what that word means in real life. I am falling back into the bad habits of my comfortable life before the altMBA. Bad habits like not following through on the things I say I’ll do, my obligations to others when I say yes or lounging in front of the TV for several hours. Sometimes I wonder if the changes I want to make are worth it, but I do know the biggest change I set out to make is worth it.

I set a deadline at the end of February to ship outline for how I was going to prioritize my family and all of the things we’d do together and on an individual basis. Six weeks later and still no plan. Just notes on a page and great proclamations. However, I’m learning that my re-engagement with my altMBA colleagues is beginning to reignite my drive and veer from those previous bad habits. I am determined and will finish this plan by the end of April. And yes, you can hold me accountable.

Am I being dramatic? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I am. Maybe it’s little brother syndrome, in which nothing is ever my fault. I’m not sure what it is but what I am reminded everyday that change is hard. But I’m willing to put in the hard work.

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