Put your reality check glass on : is Augmented Reality your reality?

Augmented Reality seems to be that electrifying tech term to be referred to everything, everywhere. You see it, you read about it, yet you don’t end up knowing much about it. Because you somehow wonder if that’s really your reality to start with.

We are not going to chat over the question ofWhat is AR? How does it affect my life?’, because technology, as we all know, can possibly be applied to all kinds of field. We are not limiting any possibility here. From the craze of Pokémon GO to the save-us-a-trip-to-meatballs Ikea Place, it’s just inevitable that augmented reality seems to find its way into our life.

Let’s talk about AR + coding education.

On Tickle app, a coding education platform that helps millions of users to introduce visual programming into classroom and home-learning, we are now taking things to the next level.

Yes, you guess it right.
We are implementing AR technology onto Tickle app.

On Augmented Reality, Apple CEO Tim Cook said it has “broad mainstream applicability across education, entertainment interactive gaming, enterprise, and categories we probably haven’t even thought of.” As an edtech company that strives to do more, we are echoing this potential by bringing this multidimensional coding experience on board.

In our era, book-and-pen method seems to fade away in some areas, whilst end-users gradually migrate to digital device for integrated convenience and innovation. Augmented Reality is possibly the most discussed technology that draws attention to its potential and how we can make it accessible to the users.

“By making innovative EdTech for STEM accessible to everyone, we are preparing our next generation for the future.” Travis Yu, co-founder of Tickle Labs, Inc. said, “We want to help parents be more involved in kids’ learning. Using an iPad or iPhone, now with AR, they can easily follow Tickle’s lessons with their kids at home.”

How is coding different in AR dimension?

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, Inc. suggests that, ‘What AR really means is connecting digital information, objects and experiences with the physical world in situ as you experience them.’

In terms of connecting digital elements with physical ones, we’d like to see it as an option for users to break physical confinement. While owning robots is cool for real-time IoT experience, coding 3D characters to run the performance in a multidimensional environment is just so much more.

(AR coding in a park)

With AR functionalities, a staid STEM classroom scenario can be turned into a flexible one.

We think AR is going to fill in the gap between reality and imagination in coding education. Now you can code various AR lessons, where characters interact with each other for storytelling, or just have fun and make them dance in unison. When AR mode is on, through the screen it’s as if the characters are moving on the physical plane in real life.

The re-defined coding experience can be a very different one with such innovative technology support like AR on Tickle app. Our users, mostly young aged kids, get to be exposed to latest technology and experience how it can be blended into their studies. This is beyond what a class can offer. We’d like to see this leap in STEM class an opportunity for students to witness what future is like at school, that will ultimately lead to growing inspiration outside the box.

So, is AR your reality?

Tickle app is devoted to preparing our next generation for the future. We firmly believe in innovation through education and inspiration.

If you also believe that such rights and opportunities should be introduced to our younger generation, then we’d say yes — AR is a reality that IS happening and the extent of its application can be mind blowing.

By creating an ecosystem to bring smart devices, IoT, and now augmented reality into curriculum, we are determined to empower more young minds to learn, to solve problems, and to create infinite possibilities.

We invite you to join us in the reality in the making.

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