Easter planning

I think I have overlooked the GUI. When I have introduced the GUI, I have focused on bootstrap with material and it doesn’t work quite with Angular and there were abnormal behaviour with jQuery.

I have looked Angular Material(https://material.angularjs.org/latest/) which is implemented with angular with google material, and I think it quite comparable to Ionic framework(https://ionicframework.com/) which has widely applied on mobile apps.

The Angular Material provides google material with SVG format, but the further icon animated effect, I have choose Angular Material Icons(https://klarsys.github.io/angular-material-icons/)

For the designed email templates, I have applied the litmus templates (https://litmus.com/community/templates), they provides total 24 templates, but I would like to adopt 3~4 templates from them for my demo purpose.

At the moment, I have chopped the litmus template chopped for my editing purpose and try to make common placeholder.

During the Easter holiday, loading finalize the loading 3~4 templates for designs tabs, 3 properties for props tabs, apply to desktop app with electron(https://electron.atom.io/), a button to extract the template to an external file which are able to upload the file to personal email for demo purpose.

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