TIDE INFINTY Storms the NFT Marketplace with its Unique P2E Gaming, Staking and Innovative Launchpad

The development of NFT projects has attracted the interest of individuals and companies in recent times. In 2020, the NFT market value was about $82 million. In 2021 it skyrocketed to a whopping $17 billion; that is over 20,000% increment. Given the accelerated increase, there are high prospects that the NFT market cap will exceed $35 billion in 2022 and maybe $80 billion in 2025. The success of NFTs is attributed to their unique creativity, universal acceptability, and vast usability. However, one of the most successful and rewarding NFT projects is the TIDE INFINITY. Tide infinity is a play-to-earn decentralized gaming platform.

The Tide Infinity
The tide infinity is an NFT project that considers the development of human civilization, which include the activities of conquest, acquisition of lands, empire, and power in a digital economy. In search of greener pastures, migrants either adjust to the existing civilization in their new settlement or develop a new model of co-existence. Given the circumstances, they are awakened to the limited resources for survival; this sudden awareness fuels the quest for competition and conquest among the migrants and the originals.

As they struggle for survival and scarce resources, it becomes apparent that the end of humanity is imminent. Amid the struggle, new islands are discovered, and the treasures beneath them also form the basis for conquest and competition. Because of the intensity of the scramble for scarce resources and the determination to survive, efforts to resolve the raging conflict failed.

Thus, humanity is divided against itself. In the new settlement, the weak and have-nots align against the strong and the wealthy. This alliance offered a ray of hope to save humans from extinction. This new hope birth the emergence of the TIDE INFINITY. Regardless of status, group or class, only the brave, strong, and reckless could rise above the tide, acquire infinite fortunes and achieve endless goals.

Unique Features of Tide Infinity
The different rarities of Tide Infinity NFTs increase in value by optimizing the in-game utilities and constant engagements. In addition, Tide Infinity Gamers can earn NFT collectibles in items, consumables, and exclusive artworks.

Tide Infinity rarity exclusive levels include:
Common items: these gameplay items are commonly available and have little value.

Rare items have about 50,000–100,000 collections, while the Very Rare is from 5000–25,000, the Super Rare from 1000–2500, and the Extremely Rare ranges from 100–500.

Tide Infinity also has the Scarce items, which have about 10–50 collections. The Unique item is just 1–5 collections.

Extinct items are scarce resources that are not collectible. In contrast, the Legendary level has only 1 item in its category.

There are also limited-edition items (these collectibles are available only through collaborations with artists or influencers); seasonal items are only released during the holidays or other time-limited events in the cyber environment.

The last rarity level is the multi-part; gamers collect and put together multiple silvers of NFT items to form an actual and impressive NFT.

Tide Infinity Ecosystem
The tide infinity ecosystem offers a wide range of possibilities and activities. For example, in tide infinity, gamers can stake their $TIDE tokens to avail them of the opportunity of winning extra tokens during IDO or private sales.
Gamers can also submit their IDO proposals; approved proposals will immediately commence sales to the community of users.
Tide Infinity is decentralized; thus, the community votes for proposals that affect the entire ecosystem.
Tide infinity boasts an in-game NFT marketplace where acquired NFTs can be traded or exchanged via the $TIDE tokens. Also, gamers in possession of rare NFTs have an increased staking reward.

The $TIDE token powers the Tide Infinity ecosystem. There is a total supply of 10 billion (10,000,000,000) $TIDE tokens. 10% of the total $TIDE token is for Airdrop, 4% is for the Board Advisors, 5% is set aside as a reserve, 60% is for the token sale program, 6% is allocated to the team of developers, and 15% is for the further development of the ecosystem.

TIDE INFINITY is a decentralized platform for P2E games that offers a mouthwatering reward to its community. A team of crypto and NFT enthusiasts developed TIDE INFINITY to integrate GameFi into the metaverse and, at the same time, provide a large marketplace for trading and exchanging NFTs. TIDE INFINITY hopes to halt the extinction of humanity in the metaverse by offering a ray of new hope for survival and co-existence. for more information…
Visit @ https://tideinfinity.io

Our Social Channels are
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tide_infinity
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