The Value of Instagram Story Takeovers
Gary Vaynerchuk

Hey Gary, I read this article with interest again because I just wanted to say that Time and time again I find that you’re bang on the money when commenting on social media.

That said, as I have said in all the comments I am finding myself completely overwhelmed by their mental saturation and crossover so many social media apps. Instagram is turning into Snapchat, and I liked it when Snapchat was Snapchat and Instagram was Instagram.

I can’t help but think that Instagram is actually, in someway devaluing what it actually is. because now people are overwhelmed with all this video, they are not looking at the pictures any more, and I put a lot of effort into my pictures.

So if Instagram isn’t about pictures any more, and now it’s about video what’s my Snapchat for? And where should I spend my time & effort when making content? Anyway I guess you get my drift, but I’ll look forward to more of your musings and hopefully it will enlighten me to see a perspective that I hadn’t considered. Cheers Gary