This new moon’s theme is based in the power of being able to see yourself clearly.

During this new moon cycle, you may have noticed that you have been making your true identity more real to yourself and others. The fog is clearing and you really are able to see yourself truly. If you are still feeling a little foggy — aka not quite ready — no worries as with time the fog will clear.

You may notice that you are no longer being ruled by other people’s ideas of who you are. You are not taking their ideas of who you are and playing it like it is your life movie. You have your own unique story. Just because someone says something about you, doesn’t mean it is true for you. You have always known deeply who you are.

There is a great power in being able see yourself and know who you are in the world. It is often that it may seem easier to play out roles that the people around you would like to see for you. This new moon is stimulating a shift out of this old pattern. In understanding your identity and seeing yourself for who you are, a door is being opened for you to begin creating how YOU create in this world. Expanding who you are into what you do in this world can bring a deep level of personal fulfillment.

Are you a really great writer? Do you love connecting people? Does cooking bring you great joy? This new moon is offering an opportunity to step into doing what you love.

Those projected ideals of success are no matter when it comes to the heart of who you are. You may notice that your happiness becomes the most important thing in your life — not someone’s idea of success. Perhaps, you will begin to redefine what success means for you too.

One of my favorite sayings is “You do you” and I have loved to hashtag that saying across social media. I feel like this rings especially true this new moon.

Also, while I was writing this I was drawn to the fact that this new moon theme comes during the start of Pride Month — a time to celebrate who you are.

I feel like it is no accident that the two coincide so beautifully. ‪#‎happypride‬

— — — — — — —

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