September 1, 2016 — New Moon in Virgo + Total Solar Eclipse

This new moon is about the healing of sharing what is precious — and close to your heart — with others.

This new moon shines a light on what is close to your heart in your life. You may even have specific items that bring back memories or stories that are special in your life. During this new moon, there is space to indulge in your memories and the beautiful impact they have had on your life as you grow.

The is also a time of walking away from any fear that may have held you back in the past. The old fear coming up lately may make you feel like it is not safe to share your heart, your treasures, your stories, or life experiences with the world. What if someone takes it away from you?

This fear — in some cases — may even keep you tucked away at home, most the time, as a way to protect yourself from anyone who wants to take anything, you consider special, away from you.

This fear begins to clear as you really take a look at the people — whom the fear says will take something away from you — and notice something very different about their lives…..


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